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the Competitive managing director Open Company Tangra - Ojl Kolesnikov Michael Aleksandrovich notifies that the auctions on sale of property of the debtor are recognised by not taken place.

the competitive managing director of Open Company Tangra - Ojl (member NP SRO AU Development ) Informs on carrying out of the repeated open auctions (in the form of auction with the closed form of giving of offers on the price) on sale of property of Open Company Tangra - Ojl . The site black oil plum (not complete building), conditional number 51 - 51 - 01(041) 20006 - 870, a site - 183017, Murmansk, street of Admiral Lobov, 100, branch territory " is subject to sale; 35 SRZ Open Society TSS the Asterisk . The initial price 72 000 000,00 rbl. the Deposit - 1 000 000,00 rbl. also is listed on r/ sch. The seller before application. Summarising of the auctions on December, 30th, 2010 in 11 ch. 00 m. of the Demand and others documents are accepted from the date of message publication in the working days with 10 ch. 00 m. to 16 ch. 00 m also come to an end on December, 28th, 2010

Giving of demands and documents, acquaintance with requirements to documents, with tendering order, with documents of property exposed on the auctions, summarising of the auctions is made to the address: 115280, Moscow, street Autofactory, d. 14/ 23, office 8 - 02. Inquiries on bodies. (495 234 - 76 - 11, 234 - 76 - 12, e - a mail: sro1@mail. ru.

To participation in the auctions are supposed legal and the physical persons who concluded contracts about the deposit and have listed the deposit, in due time made an application in written form, containing the data provided FZ about an inconsistency, and documents, including: the signed contract on the deposit, an extract from EGRJUL or a copy for jur. Persons; an extract from EGRIP or a copy for IP (are valid within 30 days from the date of manufacturing); copies of the documents proving the identity for fiz. Persons; translation into Russian of documents on the state registration (for foreign persons); the document confirming powers of the person on actions on behalf of the applicant, the organisations assured by the press (for the director - the decision of participants on the introduction into a post; For the physical person - the consent of the spouse to transaction fulfilment, a copy of the certificate of an INN); the documents confirming entering of the deposit, a copy of constituent documents jur. Persons - certificates on the state registration, the written decision of corresponding controls of the applicant on participation in the auctions, the sealed envelope with the offer on the price of property in figures and in words. The inventory of the presented documents. Copies of documents should be notarially certified.

the documents containing blots, erasures, corrections are not considered. Not representation by the applicant any of the listed documents with motivation that they contain a trade secret, deprives of its right to participation in the auctions. The payment order confirming entering of the deposit, should contain date and number of the Contract on the deposit. As the payer of the Deposit the applicant can act only. Deposit entering for the applicant other person is not supposed. The applicant can submit only one demand.

the winner of the auctions the participant who has offered the highest price for property admits, at the offer of the identical price several participants the winner the participant the first made an application admits. The winner of the auctions is obliged within 5 working days from the date of summarising of the auctions to conclude with the Seller the contract of purchase and sale of property. The winner of the auctions should in full volume (taking into account the brought deposit) to list money resources for the bought property on the settlement account of the Seller not later than 25 days from the date of signing of the report on results of the auctions.

requisites of the Seller:

the Name of payee: Open Company Tangra - Ojl

an INN/ a check point 7701180403/ 770101001,

r/ sch. 40702810600010001824 in Open Company unifondbank Moscow,

barks/ sch. 30101810700000000488, BIK 044583488.