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Definition of Arbitration court of a city of Moscow from 11. 11. 2010 on business 40 - 49130/ 10 - 71 - 194 in the relation the Closed joint-stock company the MOSCOW ARCHITECTURAL CENTER an INN 7704008658, OGRN 1027700099569 (119021, Moscow, Zubovsky - the river, d. 22/ 39) supervision is entered. The temporary managing director - Kulagin Yury Jurevich (141055, Moscow Region, Lobnja, mkr. Meadow, Scientific small town, d. 3, and/ I 9), a member of Noncommercial partnership the Inter-regional self-adjustable organisation of professional arbitration managing directors (109240, Moscow, Kotelnichesky emb., d. 17). The Legal investigation about bankruptcy will be appointed by Arbitration court of a city of Moscow after representation by time managing director of documentary well-founded report on the activity according to item 2 of item 67 FZ About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) . The temporary managing director is obliged to deliver the report on the activity in Arbitration court of a city of Moscow to 01. 04. 2011 of the Requirement to direct within 30 days from the date of the present publication: in Arbitration court of a city of Moscow, to the debtor, the time managing director.