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the Competitive managing director Open Society NIISSV Progress informs on changes in the message 77030036620 , published in the newspaper on November, 3rd, 2010, on p. 17.

1. The paragraph of the second to read in the following edition:

the Auctions in the form of the auction closed on structure of participants, and opened under the form of giving of offers on the price are spent at 15 o`clock 00 minutes 10. 12. 2010 to the address: the Moscow region, Noginsk r - n, Old Kupavna, street Soviet, d. 1

2. The maintenance a prize 1 the following:

the Ground area the area of 20 912 sq. m, cadastral number 50:16:0603043:45, cost 4 500 000,00 rbl.

the Building of the laboratory case with the technical block, appointment: uninhabited, a total area of 6528,4 sq. m, inv. 160:052 - 7214, lighted. JU, 1, I, cost 135 000 000,00 rbl., in t. ch. The VAT.

the Building of the case of general purpose (without a cellar), appointment: uninhabited, a total area of 1456,7 sq. m, inv. 160:052 - 7214, lighted. E, cost 36 000 000,00 rbl., in t. ch. The VAT.

a protection of northern platform, extent of 320 m, ferro-concrete, cost 270 000 rbl., including the VAT.

Vstroenno - the attached uninhabited premise (not finished by building), a total area of 151,90 sq. m, a floor 1, inv. 13215, lighted. And, the object address: Moscow Region, Noginsk area, settlement Old Kupavna, street Big Moscow, the house 140, cost 8 100

the Initial price of sale of a prize - 183 870 000,00 rbl.

an auction Step makes 9 193 500,00 rbl.

the Deposit 18 387 000,00 rbl.

3. the Prize 39 acts in film from the auctions

4. The participant of the auctions is obliged to give also

the documents, confirming conformity of the applicant to requirements to the participant of the auctions, in the relation ogranichenno oborotosposobnogo property ( a prize 1 - a prize 38 ) according to item 3 FZ About a turn of the earths of agricultural purpose 101.