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The calendar

In Dushanbe will take place on November, 25th, 2010 session of Council of heads of the governments of the states of the Shanghai organisation of cooperation in which the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin will take part.

in Moscow in the State Duma will pass session of Council of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, devoted to questions of the agenda of forthcoming plenary session.

in Moscow will pass session of the commission on information security of Coordination council of the states-participants CIS on information at RSS.

In Moscow in media - the newspaper centre News (the oval hall) will take place a round table on a theme the Electronic government: to state services to be?!

in Moscow in Public chamber of the Russian Federation will pass public hearings Tendencies of development of a civil society (materials of empirical researches) .

In Moscow in Russian - the German house there will pass the conference devoted to pressing questions of increase of efficiency of justice and execution of judgements in the Russian Federation, within the limits of the project financed by the European Union.

in Moscow will pass termless picketing of the newspaper MK active workers of movement Ours within the limits of campaign for struggle against brothels.

in Moscow in the Moscow municipal duma will pass session of the Public advisory council of political parties.

in Georgia will pass congress of National meeting with requirements of peace change of the power.

in London the prime minister - the minister of Great Britain David Cameron will meet from premieres - the minister of Sweden Fredrik Reinfeldt.

in Ireland will pass parliamentary elections.

on November, 25th and 26 in Strasbourg (France) under the aegis of Parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe will take place the international conference on nuclear energy.

on November, 25th and 26 the third will pass in Shanghai (China) Russian - the Chinese conference of the international debatable club Valdai on a theme Through harmonious development to regional stability. Russia and China in new world architecture .

In Moscow in the Federation Council (a room 701) will pass parliamentary hearings Perfection of legislative maintenance of labour migration .

In Moscow the commission of the State Duma on legislative maintenance of activity of subjects and natural monopolies, state corporations and the commercial organisations with state participation will consider the bill About trade in motor fuel in the Russian Federation .

In Moscow in Moscow City Council will pass a round table on a theme Tax control and tax administration: yesterday, today, tomorrow .

In Moscow in Federal antimonopolngoj to service will pass cooperation agreement signing between Mezhgossovetom on an antimonopoly policy and NP Assistance to competition development in the CIS countries .

In Moscow the International bank group Arab Banking Corporation the first among the Arabian financial institutions will open the representation.

in Moscow in hotel the Golden Ring will pass Social Media Conference.

In Moscow in hotel Inn Lesnaja will pass III annual forum Reliability. Management of technological actives in power and the industry .

on November, 25th and 26 in Moscow in the President - Hotel there will pass IV international conference Cash monetary circulation: models, standards, tendencies .

In Moscow in hotel the Renaissance will pass III annual business forum People Investor - 2010.

In Moscow in MVTS KrokusEkspo (66 km of MKAD, crossing with Volokolamsk highway, the case 2) will pass opening of the international specialised exhibition Night life of the Megacity/ Night life of Megacity2010 .

In Moscow under aegis Trading - industrial chamber there will pass the second international conference on problems of protection of domestic and foreign investors.

in Moscow in Zachatevsky stavropigialnom a female monastery of Moscow there will pass a divine liturgy of patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril.

in Moscow in a temple of the Christ of the Savior will pass a memorial evening of great Russian doctor Nikolay Pirogova in which teachers of medical high schools and medical students will take part.

in Moscow there will pass conference culture Development dobrovolchestva. The information as the tool of voluntary initiatives .

In Moscow in National information centre there will pass presentation of the book of the known Russian historian and the publicist of the Plenty Medvedev Alexander Lukashenko. Contours of the Belarus model .

In Moscow in the State Duma will pass session of the commission of fraction an United Russia on assistance of realisation of problems of maintenance of the population by pure water.

in Moscow in a marble hall of the Central house of the journalist will take place a round table on a theme Increase of economic literacy of journalists and solemn ceremony of delivery of awards to winners of competition of business journalism Russia Financial .

In Moscow in the Publishing house Komsomol truth will pass a round table on a theme Preparation of modern shots for new economy of Russia .

on November, 25th and 26 in Moscow in MGIMO there will pass scientific interuniversity conference National insurance programs in the decision of socially significant problems of the state .

In Moscow on a scene of the cultural centre the Muscovite will pass competition Ms. students .

In Moscow in the television technical centre Ostankino will pass the first delivery of the award of a name of TV reporter Vladislav Listeva, founded by fund Academies of the Russian television and the First channel.

on November, 25th and 26 in Moscow in the Moscow house of nationalities will pass V open congress the family World .

From November, 25 till November, 28th in Ekaterinburg will pass the third World festival of clowns.

in London at auction Christie`s auction on which Dart Vejdera`s made specially for shootings of the second part " the suit will be exposed will take place; Star wars under the name the Empire strikes back 1980.

In Cambodia it is declared by day of mourning for victims as a result of the terrible crush which have occurred on November, 22nd in capital Pnom-Penh during celebrating of traditional water festival, a season of rains marking the termination.