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Roman Abramovich will occupy New Holland

Yesterday the Petersburg authorities have chosen the new investor of reconstruction of an architectural ensemble of a XVIII-th century on island New Holland in St.-Petersburg. Roman Abramovich`s company - Open Company " became them; New Holland Development (NGD). In plans of the investor to construct here a multipurpose complex with elite habitation, offices, a boutique - hotel and art galleries in cost Project eks - the governor of Chukotka experts consider $400 million as more realistic, than at its predecessors of Shalvy Chigirinsky and Igor Kesaeva, promising to enclose in this building $1 billion
Yesterday in Smolnom the competitive commission led by vitse - the governor of St.-Petersburg Igor Metelsky New Holland has chosen the investor of reconstruction of island structure Millhausa Roman Abramovich - Open Company NGD. According to Open Company demand, the investor promises to enclose within seven years more than 12 mlrd rbl. In creation here a complex a total area of 103 thousand in sq. m, including restoration of five federal architectural monuments located on island (54 thousand sq.), and also building of the new case on the sample of the next buildings (about 15 thousand sq.). As the chief of department of the information policy " has informed; Millhausa John Mann, functional distribution of the areas will be defined within two years. According to demand NGD, in 2017 on island offices (17,5 thousand sq.), inhabited apartments (24,5 thousand sq.), a boutique - hotel (4,2 thousand sq.), trading premises and restaurants (15 thousand sq.), and also museums and art galleries (7,5 thousand sq.) and a parking on 643 mashino - places will take place.

the demand of the second applicant - Open Company the Meridian - the commission has considered as less realistic of - for the overestimated forecasts of rent rates and less attractive from the point of view of the area of public zones. Interests of Open Company yesterday, as well as on opening of demands last Thursday, on November, 11th, represented the lawyer of the company Renord Invest affilirovannoj with bank St.-Petersburg (see from November, 12th).

On conditions of competition the investor will transfer to a city of 16 % of the exhibition areas planned by it - under branch of city showroom the Arena . On the sq. m which have remained more 6 thousand, according to the mister the God-send, Roman Abramovich`s own galleries which already has successful experience of creation in Moscow the popular centre of modern culture " will take place; Garage . In the first year of realisation of the project mister Abramovich should enclose to New Holland not less than $30 million

the Time of recovery of outlay of the project the investor has estimated in 14 years, planning to take in seven years from New Holland on 500 million rbl. in a year of the gross revenue. As mister Mann has specified, to realise the project the investor intends at the expense of own means.

the Head of the company Knight Frank St.-Petersburg (the expert of competition) Oleg Barkov considers won concept of more realistic, than the stopped project of Shalvy Chigirinsky. Following the results of the won competition in 2006 the mister Chigirinsky was going to enclose in the project of British architect Normana Fostera on island New Holland $378 million However from - for problems with gruntami in 2008 the volume of investments was estimated already in $1 billion After reconstruction the complex area should was make 180 thousand in sq. m, from which 16,3 thousand in sq. m it was necessary on the Palace of festivals c a hall on 2 thousand persons and an open amphitheatre on 3 thousand persons. Also offices, shops, an underground parking on 1093 cars and another here should take place. As a result, having enclosed in the $70 million project, Open Company New Holland SHalvy Chigirinsky and Igor Kesaeva has not constructed any object and remained owe to a city about 600 million rbl. (That is a subject of judicial suit). New building under the changed legislation on island had time to forbid.

for Roman Abramovich it is the project second for the account in St.-Petersburg. In 2002 it has got for $500 thousand private residence on the English quay, reconstructed by it in 1999 for $12,5 million for a permanent representative of the Chukchi autonomous region which governor it then was. Now in a private residence the residence " takes place; oil Gazprom .