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the Organizer of the auctions - the competitive managing director Open Company SHKZ Rutan Berestovoj Yury Dmitrievich (the address for correspondence: 308000, Belgorod, and/ I 118) inform on sale by means of the public offer of property of Open Company SHKZ Rutan being to the address: the Belgorod region, Shebekino, street Matrosova, 1. The initial price of sale of property in first six days after an announcement exit makes 100 %. Each next 6 (six) calendar days after an announcement exit decrease in the initial price for 10 % is carried out. Sale Floor price makes 50 % from the initial price. A subject of the auctions is the following property:

the Name the Initial price without the VAT (rbl.)

1. A line on processing of a skin 4 673 408,00


the Drum zolno - tannic 4 243 170

the Drum zolno - tannic 5 243 170

Compressor installation Badatz 58 500

Kontrolno - the measuring equipment 39 780

the Copper water-heating Henschel GK/ WH 1700 82 530

the Machine tool????? dvoilnyj TURNER 537 - H 269 300

the machine tool mezdrilnyj TURNER 537 - H 214 824

the Machine tool planing GOZZIHI 168 592

the Refrigerating machinery for a warehouse of storage of skin Zano 30 080

2. A skin in addition processed after dublenija, 4 - j a grade, 2000 sq. m 185 000

3. The car GAS 3110 gos. 590 15 000

To participation in the auctions are supposed legal and the physical persons who have made an application on participation in the auctions. The documents confirming the right of the person to be by the buyer according to the legislation of the Russian Federation are applied on the demand. The applicant should conclude the contract on the deposit with the organizer of the auctions and bring the deposit at a rate of 10 % on Open Company settlement account SHKZ Rutan 40702810900080000016 in BF KB Joint-Stock Company Rusnarbank Belgorod, BIK 041403802, to/ with 30101810300000000802 or in enterprise cash desk. The right of acquisition of property belongs to the applicant who has submitted the first when due hereunder the demand for property acquisition not below the initial or current cost operating in application. The report on definition of the winner is made at 16 o`clock last day each stage of demands acceptance. The winner and the organizer of the auctions sign the report in day of summarising. The contract of purchase and sale with the winner of the auctions subscribes within three days after report signing. The winner of the auctions should pay the got property not later than 10 days from the date of the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale. Familiarity with conditions of tender, characteristics of property and the additional information can be received in the working days (Monday-Friday) by phone in Belgorod: 531 - 556, 8 - 910 - 364 - 51 - 48. Demands acceptance to the above-stated address of the organizer of the auctions or in the working days from 10 o`clock till 12 o`clock to the address: 308036, Belgorod, - r the Youth, d. 3, to. 124.