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The Chelyabinsk regional government does not want to let out tax bearers from - under control

As it became known , the government of the Chelyabinsk area has rejected the protest of Office of Public Prosecutor which has considered that the main control management of region duplicates functions of tax service. In particular, according to supervising department, management should not supervise deduction of tax bearers. As they say in the protest, it breaks article 102 of the Tax code ( Tax secret ) According to which bodies of the state power have no right to request similar data. However the regional authorities with claims of Office of Public Prosecutor do not agree. Functions are carried out with a view of operative reaction to the negative processes influencing on socially - economic development of the Chelyabinsk area - it is told in the answer to Office of Public Prosecutor. The regional management also considers unreasonable a conclusion of supervising department about infringement of tax secret. According to the Chelyabinsk government, in article 102 it is said that data on infringements of the legislation on taxes and tax collections, and also measures of responsibility for these infringements by tax secret are not. In regional Office of Public Prosecutor while to the letter of the regional government have not reacted, having referred that while have not received it. Meanwhile experts consider that claims of Office of Public Prosecutor are justified. The partner Lawyer bureau 35 Yury Tarabanchik notices that chapter 5 of the Tax code accurately limits a circle of the subjects allocated with powers on control in sphere of taxes and tax collections. these are tax, customs bodies and law-enforcement bodies. On payment of payments in off-budget funds the pension fund, fund of social insurance and their territorial bodies " can carry out additional control over discharge of duties; - mister Tarabanchik considers. As he said, investment of the main control management with corresponding powers contradicts norms of the law and breaks the rights and duties of subjects of enterprise activity .