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Germany has frozen the civil-engineering design of a building of consulate

the Project on building of a building of consulate general of Germany in Ekaterinburg which was planned to erect by 2013, is suspended. As has told consul general Renata Shimkorajt, such decision was accepted the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Germany, and it is connected with consequences of a world economic crisis. half a year back the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has faced necessity of economy of budgetary funds. The project on building of a building of consulate till last moment avoided hit in the list of possible articles of reduction of expenses, however, to my regret, the decision it to freeze now is accepted. Personally I have very negatively concerned it about what has told to our Russian partners - she has noted. Madam Shimkorajt also has not excluded that the project all - taki will be realised through 4 - 5 years. Anyway the ground area allocated under a building, remains behind German consulate general. Let`s remind, the decision on building of a separate building of consulate general in Ekaterinburg was accepted in 2005 when the diplomatic mission has opened. It should take place in so-called consular quarter along street Bolshakova - near to square the Green grove and Krk Uralets . Also there sites are reserved for consulates of Czechia and China. In these diplomatic missions have found it difficult to sound terms when their buildings will be constructed.