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The privatisation plan all suffers

Ministry of Economics has brought the project of the privatisation plan which original directly does not provide 1 trln dopdohodov the budget in the government. Sale most expensive actives it is offered to leave to the discretion of the president and the prime minister. And the list the largest companies occupying in the lead position in corresponding branches it was reduced from ten to nine names.
from the project the Look-ahead plan (program) of privatisation of federal property and the basic directions of privatisation of federal property on 2011 - 2013 follows that the government on - former was not defined with sale of state blocks of shares of the largest companies in cost nearby 1 trln the rbl. Last variant of the plan prepared in Ministry of Economics and directed to the government last week, is available on hand . From this document, in particular, follows that sale till 2013 any more ten state blocks of shares as time and again was called in the White house and Ministry of Economics but only nine now is considered. But even actions NK listed in materials Rosneft (25 % a minus one action), RusGidro (7,97 % a minus one action), FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY (4,11 % a minus one action), Sovkomflota (50 % a minus one action), the Savings Bank of Russia (7,58 % a minus one action), bank VTB (35,5 % a minus one action), the Incorporated grain company (100 % - till 2012), Rosagrolizinga (50 % a minus one action - not earlier than 2013), the Russian railways (25 % a minus one action - not earlier than 2013) have not got to the definitive privatisation list.

the privatisation plan consists of two sections - descriptive the Basic directions of a state policy in privatisation sphere... and the list Actions being in the federal property which are planned to privatisation in 2011 - 2013 . Actually the List... also is the offer of the government for investors - however set forth above expensive actives in documents of Ministry of Economics meet only in descriptive section of the program of privatisation.

we will remind that on October, 20th at meeting at prime minister Vladimir Putin it has been decided to add the plan of privatisation on 2011 - 2013 with large state actives attractive to investors (see from October, 21st). As has informed then the first vitse - prime minister Igor Shuvalov, the government will sell property up to 2015 - and will try to gain for five years in favour of the federal budget 1,8 trln rbl. Following the results of that meeting of Ministry of Economics and prepared last project of the three-year plan of privatisation.

in materials of Ministry of Economics of a different interpretation of two sections of the document - Directions... and the List... - speak that privatisation of especially liquid actives will be carried out on the basis of separate decisions of the president of the Russian Federation and the government . In words official representatives of Ministry of Economics have refused in explanations, from the list follows that actually to the privatisation in the nearest trehletku state blocks of shares in cost 16 mlrd rbl. Among the most considerable are offered only Open Society share holdings " are listed; Apatite Open Society Publishing house Education Open Society Airline Siberia Open Society the Arkhangelsk trawling fleet Open Society the Ulyanovsk automobile factory Open Society Murmansk sea fish port Open Society East port Open Society the Diamond world . Receipts in the federal budget of incomes of privatisation of federal property are expected in 2011, without a stock value of the largest companies occupying in the lead position in corresponding branches, at a rate of 6 mlrd rbl., in 2012 and 2013 at a rate of 5 mlrd rbl. annually - it is specified in documents of Ministry of Economics.

It is supposed that the project of the plan of privatisation will consider the government at the session 18 - on November, 19th. However, as has told a source in the government, absence of the basic actives in the privatisation list means that many of them can and not to be sold in the nearest trehletku . That in both sections of the project of the privatisation plan any more do not appear Open Society " testifies To heat of lobbist struggle round privatisation plans of the government also; Aeroflot and Open Society the International airport of the Sheremetyevo offered earlier to privatisation. And 75 % of actions plus one action of Open Society Sovkomflot which the head of department of property relations of Ministry of Economics Alexey Uvarov promised to sell on November, 11th till the end of 2011, by descriptive section of the project of the plan are offered to privatisation till 2015.