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Promises of the president are fraught with execution

In target steels details of realisation of initiatives of president Dmitry Medvedev who has been put forward on Friday at opening of the Petersburg international economic forum are known. The list of the strategic enterprises is reduced for the account nekontrolnyh only in the unattractive companies for investors. It is private - the state investment fund will be project veba and will earn not earlier than 2011. Students will search for credits for training at foreign universities - the state is ready to repay them under condition of returning to Russia.
president Dmitry Medvedev has fulfilled the promise given by it in the program report We have changed at forum opening (see from June, 19th). The decree About modification of the list of the strategic enterprises and the strategic joint-stock companies, confirmed by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation from August, 4th, 2004 it is signed by it on June, 18th. According to the document, the number of strategic joint-stock companies decreases with 208 to 41, federal unitary enterprises - with 230 to 159.

the Text of the decree directed on reduction of the list strategists paradoxical image begins with list replenishment - it joins Aleksinsky chemical industrial complex, Verhnesaldinsky factory of chemical capacities, State corporation on the air traffic organisation, scientifically - proving ground of aviation systems and Chapaevsky mechanical factory. The joint-stock company list is expanded at the expense of NPO the Aurora concern TSNII the Electrodevice and the Center of technology of shipbuilding and ship repair.

the part of the decree devoted actually to reduction of the list of strategists, it is possible to break into some subsections. In - the first, the organisations with state participation less a controlling stock, except for Open Society " are subject to an exception of the list; transinzhstroj Gazprom RKK Energy S. P.Koroleva`s name and the First channel - there, according to the reservation of the Kremlin, owing to share capital structure the state carries out functions of the majority shareholder. In - the second, the enterprises which are at various stages of bankruptcy without " have ceased to be strategic; adequate strategy of restoration of solvency, and number FGUP, concerning to oboronke, but having insignificant gosoboronzakaz or not having it absolutely. They, however, will not get to the market. on a number of the organisations decisions on transfer of share holdings (from 74,5 to 100 %) in authorised capital stocks of the various integrated structures " are already made; for delegation of power on management of these organisations to the named structures - explain in the Kremlin.

in - the third, a number of the organisations is excluded because their actions are sold according to the legislation of the Russian Federation on privatisation At the moment of coming into force of the previous decree of the president or in connection with absence financially - economic activities (liquidation) . It is separately noticed that at the analysis of kinds of activity the joint-stock companies which are almost stopping the primary activity and engaged in basic delivery of the real estate in rent " have been revealed;. Thus, real liberation from the list strategists as a matter of fact, mentions only controlling interests of 15 airports and the enterprises of telecommunication sphere, and also block packages of sea and river ports, river shipping companies and branch scientific research institutes.

the situation with other commission of the president to the government has a little cleared up - to consider possibility of creation joint is private - the state investment fund. It will be created not earlier than 2011, for organizational works half a year is required to the White house - such statement has made on Friday, answering Dmitry Medvedev`s performance, the head of Ministry of Economics Elvira Nabiullina. I think, it will start to work next year - she has told on Friday in lobby PMEF, having explained that to start fund work the arrangement with investors is necessary, state means, most likely, will enclose veb, and to use them it is supposed both in new projects, and in infrastructural, and also in five priority directions of modernisation of economy, including power efficiency and pharmaceutics. Madam Nabiullina has informed that interest in work of such fund express not only Russian, but also foreign investors, and the first vitse - prime minister Igor Shuvalov has declared that considers possible participation of the foreign capital in this investment fund.

At last, the situation with the future sofinansirovaniem the state of formation of students at the western universities became more clear. As has informed Murad Sofi - back, head of project NP taking part in working out Club of graduates of the Harward university the program assumes training from 3 thousand to 10 thousand students a year which will independently search for credits for formation outside of the Russian Federation in foreign banks. The state is ready to repay the taken credit equal shares within three years in case of work of the graduate on civil service or half of sum of the credit within five years of work in the Russian Federation in business. According to mister Sofi - back, the requirement of expenses of the budget under the program on its peak makes to 15 mlrd rub in a year.