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The regional government wants to prolong life voronezhtsev for four years

Yesterday deputies of the Voronezh regional Duma have passed the law on strategy socially - economic development of region till 2020. The document assumes growth of a total regional product (VRP) for ten years more than three times (almost to 900 mlrd roubles), and also increase in average life expectancy in area for four years. Deputies recognise necessity of acceptance of strategy, but notice that some purposes seem today almost unattainable. For example, to leave on level of 30 sq. m of habitation on the person, it is necessary to build on the average on 1,2 million in sq. m a year that it was not possible even in pre-crisis years.
strategy socially - economic development of the Voronezh region on long-term prospect (till 2020) to deputies yesterday was represented by the first vitse - governor Alexander Ganov. He has noticed that on the basis of the document all system of strategic and tactical planning in region will be under construction. According to mister Ganova, the main task which is reflected in the document, - overcoming of system backlog of the Voronezh region from srednerossijskih rates of increase of economy that will allow, according to plan of developers of the document, within ten years to be a part 15 leading regions of Russia. Such purpose, before the regional government governor Alexey Gordeyev by the way, puts.

the first part of strategy where the today`s situation in region is described, as a matter of fact, represents conclusions of a command of Alexey Gordeyev that has got to it from former heads of area. Developers of strategy (it the regional department of economic development and GU " supervised; Institute of regional development “) Summarise that on level VRP per capita the area was on 52 - m a place following the results of 2008, and labour productivity in region more than twice more low srednerossijskoj. “ Mainly the area economy is presented by the enterprises with the backward capacities using out-of-date technologies and making the goods with low competitiveness “ - it is marked in the document. Security fixed capital in region on 40 % more low, than on the average on Russia, their deterioration makes 45,6 %.

In strategy it is counted up, what indicators it is necessary to reach to be a part of 15 best subjects of the country. So, VRP which, by estimation, following the results of 2009 has made 280 mlrd roubles (94 % to 2008 - mu), should increase in 3,2 times, that is almost to 900 mlrd roubles. Labour productivity growth - three times. The share of innovative production should make 25 - 35 % from industrial production total amount. A gain of fixed capital - 500 - 600 mlrd roubles. Among social indicators - three times, security by habitation - to 30 sq. m the increase in average life expectancy at four years, growth of incomes of the population are specified in the person.

deputies have accepted strategy by majority of votes, however not all are happy with its maintenance. So, the deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Konstantin Ashifin has declared yesterday „“ that in the document only far purposes of 2020 are specified, but are not present “ intermediate otsechek “ therefore it is not clear, on what rate of development the area wants to leave the next years. “ It turns out, will be responsible for these indicators heads of area in 2020, but whether there will be till that time a command which developed strategy, still a question “ - mister Ashifin has explained. He also considers that in the document there is no accurate explanation how it is planned to reach the declared indicators. “ some of indicators to me in general seem too overestimated, at document reading at times there was a sensation that they were adjusted simply to a problem to get to 15 best regions, instead of estimated a real state of affairs “ - the deputy has noted. So, as he said, that by 2020 on one inhabitant of region it was necessary (now - 24), it is necessary to build 30 sq. m of habitation of an order of 1,2 million in sq. m annually. “ and we even in pre-crisis years to one million did not hold out “ - the deputy has explained. “ the fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation agrees that such document is necessary, but while it very crude. Therefore we have refrained from voting “ - mister Ashifin summarised.

the Deputy of regional Duma, a member “ an United Russia “ Victor Mesnjankin is assured that the regional government has developed “ distinct “ strategy. “ To provide all for ten years forward it is impossible. And the basic direction is chosen absolutely correctly. Certainly, the governor and its command incur very difficult problems. However, to make modest plans and it is not necessary “ - mister Mesnjankin has commented. “ Strategy on the verge of possibilities, and can be, even exceeds them, - the deputy of regional Duma from „Fair Russia“ Anatoly Shmygalev considers. - But, I think, all - taki correctly to formulate it in such kind. If the government has laid down for itself the aims easier, in the future we only would hear the official report about what good fellows officials that with all have consulted and even were ahead of schedule. And so they should work in a rigid mode “.