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“ Be built in our plan “

Alexey Gordeyev the first of governors of Chernozem region has reported yesterday to regional parliament about work of the government of area in 2009. He has confirmed earlier declared purposes, in particular, to enter area into 15 best subjects of federation and to make the locomotive of economic development of region agriculture. Own correspondent „“ was convinced by Vsevolod INJUTIN that members of parliament were not going to criticise at all the governor - representatives of opposition only competed in the one who is better it will praise.
before the beginning of session the behaviour of deputies of regional Duma expressed nothing pressure which, by their own recognition, the expected report of the head of region should cause. Members of parliament habitually discussed essential problems of the business, from time to time passing to finding-out professional and not absolutely qualities of assistants of people`s choices.

all has changed right after occurrences on Alexey Gordeyev`s tribune. He declared gathered that they “ are present at the major political event “ when the head of region reports to deputies for work of the regional government past year. The overwhelming majority of participants of action to the governor have believed - they silently and have with concentration started to listen to the report. Though there were exceptions. For example, some deputies frankly dozed during the report. However, they will have a possibility to familiarise with the report more attentively as to members of parliament have distributed its printing variant.

performance of the governor sensatsionyh did not contain news to the gathered. The head of region has informed that on a situation on the beginning of year slump in production in region has made 3,1 %, and few branches among which he named agriculture have resisted in crisis only. “ however in region the power was according to plan replaced. We managed to stop economic recession on many branches. Growth of salaries on the average on 12 - 15 % has gone, the region participates in 17 of 22 possible federal target programs. It was possible to stabilise a situation on region “card“ - the Voronezh aircraft factory. There now good prospects of active development of manufacture of planes An - 148 on which already there is a confirmed demand “ - the head of region listed achievements of regional officials.

“ the basic motive power “ regional development Alexey Gordeyev named agriculture. The head of region has once again informed gathered that “ a most important task of work of the regional power “ he considers region deducing at first in the first 30, and then and in in the lead 15 subjects of federation.

after end of the report of mister Gordeyev the word was received by heads of parliamentary fractions. But critics from them the head of region has not waited. Left on a tribune the leader of communists Sergey Rudakov has informed the first gathered that, in its opinion, “ to region has carried with the governor “. Then mister Rudakov has blamed gathered that “ even such talented “ the head of region will face with “ great difficulties at realisation of the undertakings “ from - for “ a liberal general-political course “ but criticism of activity of the government has avoided. The representative of LDPR, a top - the manager of the financial company " Afterwards acted; the Axiom “ Alexander Ovsyannikov. Having declared that speaks from the face “ parties of constructive opposition “ mister Ovsyannikov there and then has begun to praise Alexey Gordeyev. “ all of us see, what notable positive results the area under your management achieves. The today`s performance you have set to us an example of an openness of the power! “ - he has declared. Hardly more reality contained in only thing performance spravorossa in regional Duma, general directors of Open Society “ the Cold “ Anatoly Shmygaleva. He has thanked the governor that that has given “ it is a lot of attention “ in the report to problems of social sector, which “ are often left on the second plan “ also has asked mister Gordeyev to be engaged in variety of problems more actively. “ it is necessary to supervise is better tariff system in housing and communal services and work of the companies, on these tariffs sitting. Besides, we in area have environmental problems. You go on a line - as in a fog, woods burn “ - mister Shmygalev has shared impressions. Acting as last from deputies the leader regotdelenija “ an United Russia “ Irina Trankova has informed gathered that she considers as the main plus of the report “ occurrence of an accurate vector of development “ areas. Deputies as a result by a majority of votes have taken the report of the head of region into consideration. Alexey Gordeyev in the answer has thanked gathered for support and has suggested to work together, but, leaving regional Duma, has quietly told: “ Be built in our plan “.