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Military men have saddled the Tambov trotters

By data , at meeting at vitse - the governor of the Tambov region Alexander Dubovika the decision to transfer to Open Society " was accepted; New Tomnikovsky konezavod the Minister of Defence of Russia. Open Society Agricultural industry (an affiliated society of Open Society Oboronservis ) Will get a full share holding konezavoda together with recent additional release in 8 thousand pieces by about 8 million roubles. New Tomnikovsky konezavod becomes Open Society part Awakening an affiliated economy of Open Society Agricultural industry . As have informed in committee on management of property of the Tambov region, the transaction will take place in the end of June - the beginning of July. As wrote , the property konezavoda at the initiative of governor Oleg Betina has been redeemed in the spring of 2009 for 1,5 million roubles (20 % from estimated cost) to rescue it and to find the effective investor. At the moment of the transaction to the enterprise belonged about 100 horses Oryol rysistoj and the Russian breeds, two stables (one not completed), a covered current, zernosklad, two cowsheds, a number of other buildings and constructions, and also eight sites the area about 137 thousand in sq. m.