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Vitaly Juzhilin namyl concession

On Saturday at the Petersburg economic forum (PEF) it has been signed kontsessionnoe the agreement on building of a paid Oryol tunnel near Neva in cost 44,7 mlrd roubles. As the basic private investor of the project group First Quantum Partners acts under control to the deputy of the State Duma Vitaly Juzhilinu. The company has agreed to enclose in a tunnel not less than 8 mlrd roubles after has received this sum from the city budget as the repayment for under construction Sea passenger port.
with a choice kontsessionera the Oryol tunnel the city government was defined in March, having decided to sign the contract with the unique applicant for this role - Open Company Neva kontsessionnaja the company (NKK). Others three passed in 2007 prequalifying selection of a consortium - Open Company the Neva tunnel (Strabag AG, Suri Holdings Limited, Zueblin AG, Egis Project SA), Joint-Stock Company Buigproekt operejting (Group Bouygues) and Neva Traverse GmbH (Hochtief Construction AG, Hochtief PPP Solutions, Royal Boskalis Westminster NV) participation in the project have refused.

NKK it is generated by the French building company Vinci, however on the eve of opening of competitive demand NKK it became known that group First Quantum Partners to which, in particular, belongs UK " became the basic partner Smolnogo in this project under control to the deputy of the State Duma Vitaly Juzhilinu; the Sea facade (see from 19. 02. 2010). At ceremony of signing of the contract on Saturday there was mister Juzhilin, and also the president the Sea facade SHavkat Penalties - Niyazov and its assistant Valery Fotchenkov. Mister Fotchenkov simultaneously heads now and NKK, and the mister of the Penalty - Niyazov - board of directors of this consortium. Representatives Vinci at ceremony were absent, however, according to the mister of the Penalty - Niyazov, Vinci and First Quantum Partners belong in NKK equal shares on 50 %.

the Mister of the Penalty - Niyazov plans to begin tunnel building in 2011, and to put it in operation - in 2016. Valentine Matvienko`s governor has declared that counts on more deadlines. By words vitse - governor Yury Molchanov, definitive cost of the project will be defined after its statement by Glavgosekspertizoj which the authorities expect to receive in May, 2011. An original project developed by the Russian company System - the Tack and already passed examination, it will be seriously changed by one of the western designers aside more advanced the technical decision and decrease in expenses. Last week the State Duma has approved the amendment in kontsessionnoe the legislation, allowing to change the project even after signing kontsessionnogo agreements.

the project Estimated cost for last three months has already decreased on 3 mlrd roubles, having made 44,7 billion Building will be financed in equal shares NKK, city and federal by budgets. It is supposed what to finance share NKK (roughly 14,9 mlrd roubles) will be in common the Savings Bank, the European bank of reconstruction and development and Vneshneekonombank. The Savings Bank has already confirmed intention to give kontsessioneru the credit in volume 12 mlrd roubles.

according to a source close First Quantum Partners, the company has agreed to take part in the project under the offer of the governor of Valentina Matvienko. In 2011 the city will finish the repayment of bonds under construction UK the Sea facade passenger port in volume 11 mlrd roubles. At present to the investor it is already paid from the city budget nearby 9 mlrd roubles - almost as much (7,45 mlrd roubles) First Quantum Partners should enclose in the Oryol tunnel according to the share in NKK. It is not excluded that after final settlement with Smolnym it will be increased. Besides, possibility of the repayment by a city at the investor prohodcheskogo a board which is supposed to be bought for a tunnel punched hole, for the further use on other projects is discussed. By estimations familiar with the project of the Oryol tunnel of experts, the board for it can cost nearby 100 million This sum (approximately 4 mlrd roubles) in aggregate with cost redeemed at the Sea facade passenger port (11 mlrd roubles) will make 15 mlrd roubles of budgetary expenses that almost in accuracy corresponds to a share of private investments into the Oryol tunnel. It, most likely, also has allowed Smolnomu, despite crisis, to involve in the project which will pay off only in 30 years, at least one socially - responsible the investor.

that else will receive a city from PEF
Within the limits of the Petersburg economic forum a number of the agreements, city infrastructural projects concerning to realisation, and also business of Petersburg for a total sum of an order 360 mlrd roubles has been signed. Most profitable for a city there was an agreement of the government of St.-Petersburg and the Savings Bank of Russia about is state - private partnership (GCHP) according to which the bank will allocate to a city of an order 290 mlrd roubles for realisation of infrastructural projects. Among them the Oryol tunnel (the bank will allocate 25 mlrd roubles), the Western high-speed diameter (ZSD) (to 60 mlrd roubles), the Elevated express train (11 mlrd roubles) and musoropererabatyvajushchy factory in Janino (8 mlrd roubles).

Besides, the city has signed agreements about GCHP with concern Diamond - Antej about creation of Severo - the Western regional centre (SZRTS) in territory of Obuhovsky factory where there will be a working out and manufacture of hi-tech production of military and civil appointment. The volume of investments into project realisation makes nearby 15 mlrd roubles.

one more GCHP is created together with Incorporated ship-building corporation (OSK) in which frameworks stage-by-stage carrying over of capacities of Open Society " will be carried out; the Admiralty shipyards with It is new - the Admiralty island to Kronstadt. The volume of investments into the project is estimated in 20 mlrd roubles.

at last, the government of Petersburg has signed agreements about GCHP with four pharmaceutical companies about creation farmklastera in an industrial zone Pushkin cost more than 5 mlrd roubles. Agreements are concluded from Open Company Gerofarm (Volume of investments of the company in the project - 1,3 mlrd roubles), Joint-Stock Company biokad (1 mlrd roubles), Open Company Samson - Honey (1,5 mlrd roubles) and Open Company the Neon (0,9 mlrd roubles).