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Vladivostok “ Islamites “ have sentenced without fanaticism

In Vladivostok the sentence concerning two members of the gang plundering and killing seaside businessmen is pronounced. Participants of grouping as its agents of national security named, “ radical Islamites “ eks - the fighter of OMON Edward Zassety and the military man - deserter Dzhavathan Salmanov, accused more than under five articles of the criminal code of Russian Federation, have received 23 and 12 years of imprisonment according to serving of terms in a high security colony. Meanwhile among the crimes, as guilty in which recognised two gangsters military court TOF, there is no even a hint on extremism though it is primary both condemned were suspected of it.

the Pacific naval military court has pronounced a sentence on business in the relation of former militiaman Edward Zassety and the military man - deserter Dzhavathana Salmanova - two members of the gang making armed assaults in Vladivostok. Let`s remind, Zasetty and Salmanov have been detained after an impudent touch on apartment of the Chinese businessmen in the March, 2009, ended with chaotic shooting, death of one citizen of the Peoples Republic of China and wound of three others. Three accomplices of defendants on an attack - brothers of Muharbek and Mikail Timievy, and also Timerlan Dzejtov subsequently blocked on demountable apartment, have shown resistance with a use of weapons, including a grenade cup discharge, and after storm with participation of special troops of FSB and OMON have been shot (see „“ from March, 31st) more in detail.

State charge has requested for Edward Zassety accused on ch. 2 items 209 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“ Participation in a gang “), ch. 3 items 222 (“ Illegal storage, transportation, carrying of the fire-arms made by organised group “), ch. 4 items 162 (“ Robbery “), item 30, item 105 (“ Murder of two and more persons “ and “ Attempt at murder “) 22 years of imprisonment with term serving in a high security colony. To Dzhavathanu Salmanovu accused under similar articles, and also in desertion (p.1 item 338 of the criminal code of Russian Federation), the Office of Public Prosecutor has asked court to appoint 16 years of imprisonment of a high security.

during process the protection party insisted on the justification on the majority of points of charge. Lawyer Dzhavathana Salmanova Tatyana Tabakova has declared that its client only satisfied the request of acquaintances about istrebovanii a debt at the Chinese businessmen. “ it has not been armed, did not shoot and could not assume that events will get such turn “ - madam Tabakova asking court to qualify action by Salmanova as arbitrariness (item 330 of the criminal code of Russian Federation) confirmed. Edward Zassety`s protection adhered to a similar position also. However, its defender Vitaly Vitenko recognised that the former fighter of summary group OMON has brought a pistol of the TT which have filled up an arsenal of a gang, however Zassety from the Chechen Republic, the lawyer underlined, from any weapon did not shoot.

in the last word announced past Tuesday, Edward Zassety has declared that state charge arguments “ convincingly enough “ confirm its innocence of in large part brought accusations, and proofs of the grave crimes made by it in business and at all is not present. Dzhavathan Salmanov also recognised only a part of charges (according to Tatyana Tabakovoj`s lawyer, only on one episode connected with citizens of the Peoples Republic of China, and murder Salmanov did not recognise, and robbery - recognised partially).

As a result past Wednesday judge Dmitry Savchenko has considered state charge arguments well-founded in a part participation in a gang, murders, attempt at murder of two and more persons, robbery, carrying and weapon storage. To Edward Zassety 23 years of imprisonment, by Dzhavathanu Salmanovu - 12 years of imprisonment are appointed. Both should serve time in a high security colony, besides, they should pay to victims of an order of 850 thousand rbl. of indemnification for moral harm and the caused traumas. Representatives of state charge a sentence on which announcement has left about an hour, did not make comments yesterday. Lawyer Vitaly Vitenko has declared that protection will appeal against against it. “ in a sentence there are many moments with which I do not agree “ - it has explained.

it is remarkable that robbers on seaside businessmen from giving of agents of national security initially looked “ a gang of Islamites “. By data „“, in materials of business they are named “ well armed zakonspirirovannoj the interethnic grouping consisting of persons, preaching radical Islam “. By consequence it was underlined that participants of grouping got acquainted in a mosque, and in apartment where leaders of a gang have been killed, a considerable quantity of the Islamic literature and videorecordings has been found. Before storm as the head 304 - go military investigatory department SKP of the Russian Federation on TOF colonel Oleg Makarenko told „“, besieged have communicated with the relatives and spiritual leaders from whom have received “ blessing to death “. And the same Edward Zassety as it was underlined by agents of national security, has left bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs “ for ideological reasons “ - after Islam acceptance. However in the definitive charges shown by Zassety and Salmanovu, articles about extremism are not present. The Similar case (when initial charges have undergone considerable correction) has occurred recently in business so-called “ seaside the guerrilla “. Past Monday, from them accusations have been brought to four (see„ “From June, 22nd). All of them concern crimes against police officers. However earlier agents of national security declared that members of grouping made robberies, robberies and stealings concerning simple citizens.