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Plenipotentiary Ishayev is dissatisfied with rates of building of the medical centre in Vladivostok

the Plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in Far East federal district Victor Ishayev who has arrived to Primorski Krai with an inspection trip, has shown discontent with backlog from the schedule at building of the Federal centre of traumatology, orthopedy and endoprotezirovanija in Vladivostok. “ the schedule should be observed strictly. It is the national project which is supervised by the president of the country, nobody has the right to shift delivery terms “ - Victor Ishayev has declared, addressing to builders. The plenipotentiary also has noted, “ that there is a powerful backlog from the schedule “.

By words g - on Ishayev, works on a zero cycle on this object should be finished in the beginning of 2009, and by the present moment readiness of a zero cycle makes only 35 %. In the plenipotentiary have caused questions terms of leading of engineering networks, the organisations of a container platform for reception of modular designs for the future centre. Victor Ishayev also has specified that building of the hi-tech medical centres within the limits of the national project “ Health “ has begun simultaneously in Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. “ in Khabarovsk the Federal centre serdechnososudistoj surgeries is already almost ready to commissioning “ - the plenipotentiary has told.

in Vladivostok, according to builders, term of transfer of a building site under installation of modular blocks moves for February-March, 2011. The total cost of a zero cycle of the Federal centre of traumatology, orthopedy and endoprotezirovanija in Vladivostok makes 995 million roubles.

the plenipotentiary also has checked up yesterday a course of building of the bridge through Bosporus East, mini - thermal power station “Central“ on island Russian and cases of Far East federal university. In the end of day the plenipotentiary has held working meeting on preparation of objects of summit ATES of 2012.