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Builders began to show expensive hostels more and more interest to the auctions on land selling in the property. Total cost of the settled hostels together with the ground areas on the Yaroslavl prospectus has grown more than twice in comparison with the starting price, having reached record lately an indicator on loading on square metre of erected improvements — almost $600.
past Friday have passed the auctions on sale of two buildings of the former hostels in the Vyborg area, on the Yaroslavl prospectus, 25 and 27. Objects the area almost 1 thousand in sq. m and 1,45 thousand in sq. m accordingly were on sale in the property together with the ground area the area of 6 thousand in sq. m. the Former hostels are subject to a pulling down, and on a site housing construction is authorised. On participation in the auctions it has been submitted five demands from such builders, as JUIT - Lentek Mavis the Building company Rate and others. During long struggle between JUIT - Lentek and SK Rate the prize has got to last company which has offered for it 270 million roubles that more than has twice exceeded the initial price - 130 million roubles.

according to general director SK Rate Yury Luchko, on the got ground area the company plans to construct not less than 15 - 16 thousand in sq. m of habitation. Thus, loading on square metre of erected improvements has made $560 - 580. However, he has added that the company was ready to fight for a prize and to 300 - 320 million roubles.

Michael Vozijanov, the general director JUIT Lentek considers that cost of each concrete site is necessary for correlating to its market prospects. in this case we had been defined the maximum cost of the earth satisfying to financial indicators of the given project which excess it is considered inexpedient - he has noted. According to Olga Troshevoj, the deputy director of the consulting centre the Petersburg Real estate taking into account a site of sites the price is quite adequate .

Results of last auctions reflect observed growth of the price for the earth. So, following the results of the February auctions on sale of two sites under habitation in Seaside area loading on square metre of erected improvements has made $330 - 370. In March at auctions on stain sale on the Industrial prospectus this indicator has made $350, and at realisation of sites under habitation (on a full package) in Krasnogvardejsky area loading on a square has reached $420.