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Vasily Aleksanjan does not object to closing of its business

the Former vice-president of YUKOS Vasily Aleksanjan accused of waste of another`s property and money-laundering, has informed that agrees with closing of criminal case concerning it. Lawyers of the defendant petitioned For it in connection with the prescription expiry of the term on all episodes incriminated to it. For decision-making the court has demanded personal presence accused, which seriously ill.
the Former vice-president of YUKOS Vasily Aleksanjan has declared that agrees with the termination of criminal case against it from - for the prescription expiry of the term. I am the diplomaed lawyer. I perfectly understand consequences of closing of business on nereabilitirujushchim to the bases - has declared Aleksanjan in Simonovsky court. During session the former vice-president of the YUKOS which seriously ill, often coughed in a scarf and apologised that it is difficult to it to speak. Its defender Gevorg Dangjan also has asked court to cancel a preventive punishment in the form of pledge and to release property of Aleksanjana. Earlier the court has refused to consider the petition of lawyers for removal of action because personal presence accused for this purpose is necessary.

we will remind, in the end of December, 2008 the European court under human rights has addressed to a management of Russia and has demanded to cancel Vasily Aleksanjana`s imprisonment before trail and to soften with its softer measures. According to court, the Russian authorities have broken a number of articles of the European convention, in particular, has not been rendered due medical aid in prison .

Vasily Aleksanjan has been detained on April, 6th, 2006 on charges in waste of another`s property and money-laundering. In particular, plunder of actions and property " is incriminated to it; Tomskneft for the sum more than 12 mlrd rbl. Later to them charge in evasion from payment of taxes has increased also. On December, 8th, 2009 the Moscow city court has declared readiness to release former vice-president of YUKOS Vasily Aleksanjana on the security in 50 million rbl. Thus was especially underlined that clearing of the condemned will follow only after receipt of the corresponding sum into the Moscow City Court account. Vasily Aleksanjan named such sum cynical mockery at the law and common sense .