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In the USA it is offered to make representation Skolkovo

the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev studying now the American Silicon Valley, has held a meeting with natives of Russia, working in the innovative centre of the USA. Aspiring to adopt spirit which exists here Dmitry Medvedev has found interesting idea about creation in a Silicon Valley of representation of the project Skolkovo . Thus to direct to the USA follows, in its opinion, not only workers of the Russian centre, but also representatives of institutes of development, such, as veb and Rosnano .
At a meeting with natives of Russia, working in a Silicon Valley, the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has told that first of all it is necessary to adopt that spirit which exists here and to create conditions for attraction of the companies in Skolkovo on the basis of the American experience. Skolkovo In an ideal should turn to a certain system which entices people to which it would be desirable to come which as the sponge absorbs, and it cannot be created the order - Medvedev has noticed.

the answer to the given problem soon has followed from a hall - one of participants of a meeting has suggested the Russian leader to think over creation in the Silicon valley of representation Skolkovo : As far as I know, in Russia there are some so-called institutes of development - RVK, Skolkovo is Rosnano there are others. For any start - apa to reach them is big effort. If their representatives sat here, and they could talk directly to people who have projects - this process would go much faster . Dmitry Medvedev has found this idea interesting, having noticed that the greatest value which is is a dialogue . The president has promised in case of difficulties To send the people : Anyway, on one - two persons to send or someone from your commands or even someone from present simply to employ under the contract. It seems to me, it would be absolutely normal .

we Will note, Silicon Valley visiting was key point in Dmitry Medvedev`s visit schedule in the USA. Shortly before a meeting with natives of Russia, the head of the state has visited offices of companies Twitter, CISCO Systems, Yandex Labs, Apple. During visit to last Dmitry Medvedev became the owner of a latest model iPhone 4G, transferred to it the head of the company Steve Jobs.