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The court has rejected the claim of the Union of brewers to Ministry of Health

Arbitration court of Moscow at session on June, 24th has rejected the claim of the Union of the Russian brewers to the main expert in narcology of Ministry of health and social development of Russia Evgenie Brjunu about protection of business reputation. That accused brewers of addition of ethyl spirit in beer.
as co-defendants the court also has involved Joint-Stock Company Interfax and a broadcasting company TV - the Center - those mass-media which, according to the claimant, have spread challenged informations. As informed the PRIME - TASS earlier, the Union of brewers has addressed in capital arbitration in January, 2010 with the requirement to oblige mister Brjuna to refute made before statements. In particular, brewers did not accept the statements made the expert in narcology in interview which has been placed on a news agency site Interfax on December, 21st, 2009 for example, is 16 - 18 gradusnye beer grades in which add ethyl spirit and Practically everywhere there is a spirit addition as everywhere there is an accelerated technology of brewing: stop fermentations by spirit . Besides, on December, 25th, 2009 during time a press - conferences Evgenie Brjun has declared that classical production technologies of beer in Russia are broken beer in the country it is made much, but to drink it it is impossible also has once again underlined that at a certain stage of manufacture of this drink in it add spirit.