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Ukraine will be engaged in manufacture of nuclear fuel

Ukraine has all necessary for maintenance of nuclear power of the country with own fuel, the deputy minister of fuel and power of the country Natalia Shumkova considers.
the Major problem is reliable maintenance of nuclear power with fuel resources. Numerous decisions of the president of the country, the government of Ukraine, the basic task of a domestic industrial complex always defined creation in Ukraine own manufacture of nuclear fuel from own raw materials - madam Shumkova has told, acting on June, 24th at the International conference on questions atomno - a power complex of Ukraine. As she said, this problem is concretised in accepted by the government of Ukraine to the program Nuclear fuel which should be realised in 2010 - 2013. in Ukraine there are all necessary preconditions for creation of own manufacture of nuclear fuel. First of all, it is a unique raw-material base of uranium and zirconium - she has told, having added that the developed infrastructure of uranium branch concerns such preconditions also, is skilled - industrial production jaderno pure zirconium and gafnija, and also presence of qualified personnel and the developed atomic engineering, transfers RIA News .