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Game without a break

Wimbledon this year without exaggeration became historical. Names of winners of tournament will be still defined, but they here not especially and are important. Important that two not the most known player - Nikola and John Ajsner - have managed to May to give out a phenomenal match. It lasted three days and more than 11 hours of pure time. John Ajsner has won solving fifth set with the account 70:68. It with interest blocks all records on duration of a meeting and quantity of the played games.
this epopee on Tuesday Began, and first all went rather budnichno. John Ajsner and Nikola have played to May four sets, on what at them 2 hours and 54 minutes have left, and on the fifth there was no time in view of darkness approach. On Wednesday Ajsneru and needed to play May all - that one set - and it and has made their match historical.

Organizers of tournament have started to worry, when the account of the played games in a set has passed for 40, and the winner and did not think to be defined, as tennis players regularly took games on the giving. It is possible to understand anxiety of a receiving party: to May and Ajsner simply broke the tournament schedule. Those who should play after them, as a result have sent to sort out relations on other courts, and court N 18 with tribunes of all - that on 780 seats where usually alloy players who are uninviting to public, began to turn to the main arena of tournament. There was not to make the way. Even to such stars as John Makinroj and Tim Henmen, the place on tribunes was not, and it was necessary to them to get on a roof. I perfectly understood that if I will simply take a step aside me it is simple vytolkajut from stadium - told then Serena Williams.

and to Ajsner and May played and played. It was in this time replaced five commands of the boys submitting balls, organizers have written out additional brigades of linear arbitrators as available already were ready to drop. The referee of a match was exhausted so that at it spasms in a neck have begun. Players hardly shuffled the feet, but nobody wanted to concede. To May, already being unsteady for weariness, managed to win back matchboly which at Ajsnera was in total four. At the account 47:47 the electronic board has broken. Has darkened. At the tenth o`clock at the account 59:59 to Ajsner and May directly on court have conferred with the representative of management of tournament. I want to play. Simply I do not see anything! - has declared to May. Ajsner too was not against duel continuation. Spectators have begun to scan: the Central court! - as only the main arena of tournament is equipped by illumination for carrying out of matches in a night-time. But it has been decided that for revealing of the winner the third day is required.

At the moment of a break the match went ten hours. Only one fifth set lasted more than seven hours, and it was enough to block a record on duration of a match. Former has been established in 2004 on Roland Garros when Fabris Santoro and Arno Kleman sorted out relations of 6 hours of 33 minutes. Ajsner and to May with a stock have surpassed also a record in quantity of the played games for a match. Former kept since 1973 and has been established in a match of the Davis Cup of the USA - Chile in which pair meeting tennis players needed 122 games.

but after all it there was yet an end. It was necessary to reveal nevertheless the strongest. And yesterday it happens. And 20 more games were required on it. More lucky has appeared Ajsner who has managed at last - to make that a break (it was only the third in this meeting) and to win a set with the account 70:68. In total tennis players have spent on court of 11 hours and 5 minutes and 183 games have played. Both of them have broken the belonging Iwo Karlovichu a record by quantity ejsov (78). Ajsner has submitted on a departure of 112 times, and to May - 103. And the account on the won balls in a match in general shaking - 502:478 in advantage that is remarkable, to May.