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The authorities of Moscow will take down more than 300 illegal structures

Almost illegally erected 300 structures is planned to take down in Moscow. It follows from the report on work of the commissions on revealing, suppression and preventive maintenance of autocratic building of Moscow.
as of June, 22nd, 2010 in system of the account and monitoring of objects of autocratic building on the account there are autocratically erected 335 capital objects and 96 non-capital - it is told in the document. According to the report, from 431 objects of 109 structures it is concentrated in TSAO, in Joint-Stock Company there are 79 structures, in VAO - 73. In it it is noticed that from 335 - ti capital objects on 206 - ti, on 76 - decisions on a pulling down and ground area clearing are made on registration of the property rights of a city, on 58 - about end of official registration of papers. Basically it is constructions on territories of temples and socially significant objects. From 96 non-capital structures the decision on a pulling down 91 and about end of registration of placing remained five " is accepted; - it is told in the document which quotes on June, 24th RIA News .