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Alexander Rodnjansky, the chairman of advisory council National Group Media (the media holding structure includes channels - REN of TV and the Fifth ) Failures of channels are connected with desire to play in another`s territory and internal self-deception in attempt to remain universal

1 - 2. Last years in the television market compete not so separate channels, and media holdings to which they belong. And this circumstance which should be meant, speaking about teleseason results. The success of separate projects, and brands of the channels entering into holdings becomes the keystone to success in competitive struggle at all. With what intonation they speak with the spectator, what stylistics of their programming? How much precisely they are built up ? How much they are clear target audience how much correspond to changeable spectator expectations? Whether well different channels of one holding supplement each other, both from the point of view of struggle for audience, and from the point of view of advertisers? These factors define - who finally the season has won. Accordingly, and the main failures of the companies and channels are connected with absence of discipline of a brand, desire to play in another`s territory, internal self-deception in attempt to remain universal.

leaders, in my opinion, there were channels of holdings Gazprom - media and VGTRK. NTV for last five years has turned to extremely integral television brand, and its spectators always understand that they can see here. I would allocate success of a serial the Wood-grouse. Continuation and scientifically - popular detectives Pavel Lobkova . The Same factors cause also success of TV channel TNT, to which as a result all difficulties connected with carrying over " at all have not prevented; Houses - 2 in a night aether. There were many successful campaigns for advancement, very vigorous interprogram registration, for example Feel ours tro - lo - lo and, of course, a serial Interns which has instantly won popularity at target audience TNT. It is possible to tell that in this season TNT it was definitively issued as one of leaders of youth telecasting.

work on brands of TV channels VGTRK also has born fruit. The spent rebrending has made them more clearly for the spectator - now they are perceived as the channels entering into one holding. Russia 1 in the last season won fight for a prime is more often - a time, closely coming nearer or even overtaking the main competitor - the First channel . Television movies of own manufacture have allowed Russia 1 stably to win days off. Personally I would like to allocate a cycle of films - monologues with Liliany Lunginoj the Word-per-word translation . This, at first sight modest, even the ascetic teleproject left for narrow borders of history of one person and has set a new lath for conversation on time, on history, on destiny of the country and people in it living.

for the First channel the serial Valerii Guy Germaniki " became unconditional event; School . That rare today a case when the serial from the phenomenon television became the phenomenon public, having provoked national discussion about school problems. Unfortunately, it was not reflected in project ratings that is connected with orientirovannostju a serial on not audience peculiar to the channel. It is characteristic history for the First which loses spectators, trying to build universal programming - in the conditions of a fragmentation of audience it basically is impossible. On the contrary, programs new humour the First - the Big difference and prozhektorperishilton - are made without desire to please everything, and it has helped to get precisely to audience and to become certainly successful.

holding channels STS Media all season have fulfilled adequately, after all STS and House in consciousness of spectators for a long time already were generated as integral and it is exact spozitsionirovannye brands.

in the same key - constructions and strengthenings of brands - have started to develop in the middle of March and holding channels NMG. the main event for REN - success of the program Justice which have noticed and have estimated both spectators, and television critics. justice has proved, what even in the genre already repeatedly tested by our television the current - show can be made essentially new program. In many respects, of course, it is a merit of the leader Justice Andrey Makarova and commands Natalias Nikonovoj. Justice has joined channel leaders - to News with Michael Osokin and the total program - Week with Maryanna Maksimovsky . Success Justice at target audience REN is a sign on that a vector of development of the channel we have chosen the correct: it should be social, sharp and actual. From obvious lacks of the channel for today I can allocate only absence of adequate replacement to a serial Soldiers which we have absolutely meaningly finished, wishing to achieve absolute integrity of the television statement.

in the rest while to sum up early, for REN the television season only has begun. On the Fifth have shot Svetlana Sorokinoj`s Program schedule , programs Dmitry Bykova the Picture oil and Andrey Norkina the Real world . It asserts us in confidence that we build very important channel for the spectator: informative, modern and competent. Earlier than in a year after the beginning of realisation of the new concept of the channel, results, even intermediate to bring senselessly.

3. In the near future - a series of premieres on TV channel REN, called to strengthen and expand space of our dialogue with target audience. We experiment in a genre of a long drama serial, crossing it to documentary cinema - on air CHerkizona. Disposable people . It is a serial sharp, disputed and authentic. It only has begun, and we will develop it and further. Essentially important two directions: scripted reality - the drama serials solved in documentary stylistics, and satire, actual and sharp, in different television formats. It as we hope, together with programs traditional for REN Michael Zadornov and will give to the serious uncompromising channel so ease of intonation favourite by today`s spectators.