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Vyacheslav Murugov, general director STS, the general producer STS Media Ivan Okhlobystin truly became new Zavorotnjuk

1 - 2. the Main slogan of this season in the Russian television - you Give youth! . How to involve in TV screens young, most active and thinking audience which all is deeper uvjazaet on the Internet and even more often declares: I do not watch TV - here a main point facing our television. All TV channels in this season anyhow were engaged in searches of new intonation - more substantial, more actual and authentic. The frank trash and yellowness which were so are appreciable in the previous teleseasons, already cease to be the effective weapon in struggle for a rating. The humour became the most demanded genre of this teleseason. The projects started still in a before last season the First channel prozhektorperishilton and The big difference in this season have definitively turned to leaders of domestic television.

for all that that at our television, also as well as at world, obvious crisis of ideas proceeds, this season has been noted by several bright experiments in the field of the form and genres. It and cycle continuation Stories of the All-Russia deceit on NTV, where for the first time have been successfully combined a format big studio a current - show with documentary journalistic investigation. It, of course, and impudent experiment the First channel - a serial School in effect arthouse cinema which if did not look precisely all country discussed.

I would formulate one more important trend of last season as sobytijnoe programming . Even more often TV channels in the program decisions stake not on regular shows, and on single bright events in a prime - a time. And, perhaps, most successfully it turned out at NTV. I Think that in a following season this trend sobytijnosti in television will develop only.

if to speak about concrete projects of colleagues, on the First channel I also would note the documentary project Leonid Parfyonov Zvorykin - Muromets - the film of the most highest world level which has lifted a lath of quality in documentary television it is improbably high. One of the main events on the channel Russia there was its transformation into the channel Russia 1 . it is doubtless, all rebrending of channels VGTRK has turned out successful. From serials on Russia 1 I would note a serial Matchmakers . authentic and very recognised human intonation has transformed this project into a great occasion.

on the season passed NTV under the badge of victorious procession the Wood-grouse on the country. I sincerely rejoiced to high ratings of very qualitative documentary films in a genre nauch - a bottom Pavel Lobkova. that completely not yellow, very deep documentary films can involve such wide TV viewers, obviously well affects all industry.

on TNT start sitkoma " became the main event, certainly; Interns . I take off a hat before Ivan Okhlobystin, truly it became new Zavorotnjuk. And certainly, colleagues should be extremely grateful to Moscow City Council thanks to which claims on carrying over so brilliant program decision has been found in a grid Houses - 2 .

arrival of a new command on holding NMG channels - REN and " became One of the most discussed events of last teleseason; the Fifth . About results, of course, to speak while too early. All - taki sometimes on television is required to more time for realisation of the planned plans.

for STS it is possible to name a season successful. First of all, we managed to increase active audience at the age of 18 - 45 years. In many respects it has occurred thanks to such projects, as serials Margosha and Voroniny . Appreciable start of new programs in a format of entertaining journalism, in particular " has turned out; History of the Russian show - business and Infomanija .

Despite a considerable quantity of new entertaining shows, unfortunately, we not up to the end have solved day off question. The project " has not turned out; The ideal man with Xenia Sobchak and Tinoj Kandelaki.

3. the New direction which we plan to develop actively, I would define as a film serial that is small serials of cine quality. Our first experience in this area, a teleserial the Fog which film version has been shown on May, 9th in a prime on the First channel it has appeared successful. In a new season we want to continue to involve young audience and counting on it we will show sitkom As I have met your mum (in everyday life, a prime - a time), and here is how time in the days off where we want to change and improve positions, at us starts new entertaining show the Ukrainian quarter . Except STS, for me other two channels entering in " are not less important also; STS Media - House and DTV. with House easier: Planned it has turned out, and the reached success we will develop further. And here with DTV in a new season we will just finish that was not possible. Since September here there will be new serials, and also projects in a format dokudramy and dokufikshn.