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Petrenko`s novel, general director TNT “ the Leaving season was avaricious on brave projects “

1. Crisis has slightly knocked down the industry. For half a year all adapted for new level of the cost price of a content, but stunning breaks, in my opinion, in a leaving season were not. Inertly current competitive struggle. One channels hardly grow, others lose a little. Leaders of growth in the first seven - NTV, STS and TNT.

in general, the leaving season was avaricious on brave projects. TNT not an exception.

a season hit on the channel - sitkom “ Interns “. Across Moscow it has won first place among youth from 18 till 30 years and the second for audience from 6 till 54 years. Across Russia as a whole - the second place at youth from 18 till 30 years.

It would be desirable to note recent start updated “ Komedi Klab “. Children have found forces, that pereizobresti themselves at new level. Figures and program level please.

But the greatest success to the channel has brought the compelled carrying over of our project “ the House - 2 “ for not children`s time - 23. 00. As a result the cinema block “ TNT - a comedy “ in 21. 00 has received smart “ podvodku “ from previous sitkomov “ University “ and “ Interns “ and at night we have received one more zone of a prime - tajmovyh ratings with “ the House - 2 “.

“ the First channel “ has considerably rejuvenated audience. Cause respect Ernest`s courageous experiments: a serial “ School “ the night channel “ City fops “ , successes in “ new “ humour. “ the first “ also has deduced documentary cinema in a prime - a time and became the unconditional leader in this genre. “ the first “ it is traditionally strong in serials. Leaders - all the same “ Saboteurs “ and a premiere of this season “ The sniper “.

NTV has reached tops that they do, and became the leader of growth among channels of the first echelon. A serial “ the Wood-grouse “ kept it is abnormal high ratings, even for NTV. Serious successes has shown NTV in documentary cinema, having taken away the second places in the five of the most rating documentary films of year.

“ Russia 1 “ on - former the leader in television movies.

STS it is strong “ Margoshej “ and “ Voroninymi “.

have considerably quickened “ the Fifth channel “ “ the Star “ “ Muses - TV “.

2. About failures of colleagues it would be desirable to speak only when the audience obviously has not grown to level of the failed projects. In this season, seemingly, all failures fair.

And in general, the present revolution in radio television now occurs not at us, and in America. Serials always were the lowest form of motion picture arts. But in America for last years five they left on an inaccessible degree of quality, advancing even cinema. The commercial cinema has turned to visual attractions for teenagers, and the television became the king of a drama. Here, we try to equal. While we struggle that local “ components “ to high kitchen basically do not hold out.

3. In work it is a lot of projects. I will tell only about potential megahits which leave till the end of 2010: “ Ņāøā+1 “. History of the second-year student - “ botany “ Sashi which achieves love of the most beautiful girl of a course. But Sashi have a secret!

“ Deffchonki “. the First absolutely realistic sitkom how four young girls survive in Moscow. After long break TNT will present a new lethal season “ Ours Russia “. In a new season - is even more malicious! Absolutely changed new season of a serial “ Barvikha “.

“ Real boys “ . A comedy about guy Kohl who is broken off between life “ on area “ and the world of the Perm glamour. Unknown level of realism.