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Recently manufacturers of strong alcoholic drinks began to resort all more actively to the help of the Internet for advancement of production and expansion of consumer audience. Along with traditional kinds the Internet - advertising the alcoholic companies began to master actively social networks That has already caused criticism from medical associations and public organisations. However representatives of the alcoholic companies reject charges in the address, explaining that only submit to time requirements.

the VIRTUAL TOOL In the end of October it became known that the largest British manufacturer of alcohol Diageo allocates this year for the Internet - advertising of a brand of vodka Smirnoff of 20 % of the advertising budget. And it it is no wonder, after all vodka makes 11 % of sales Diageo. In 2009 only for advancement of vodka Diageo has allocated $300 million Along with the videoclips, inviting to visit a web - site Smirnoff for participation in various competitions, the company has created own page in social network Facebook c constantly updated news and a content. In group already it was registered more than 600 thousand persons, and the number of visitors of official site Smirnoff has had time to increase five times. According to Phillip Gledmana, international a brand - directors of the company, in spite of the fact that support of a portal in a social network more labour-consuming employment than creation of posters and television commercials, return all the same incomparably is more. With increase in volume of advertising in a social network the company expects not only to involve even more buyers, but also to increase sales Smirnoff in the markets of Great Britain and the USA. It is no casual for advancement of vodka Smirnoff Ice the world`s largest has been chosen sotsset Facebook, numbering today about 300 million users worldwide.

Researchers notice that on the Internet, in particular in social networks, manufacturers of alcohol have good chances of advancement of production among young and socially active consumers. According to company Forrester Research researches, representatives of so-called generation Y (born during the period from the beginning 1980 - h till 2001) spend to the USA on the Internet on the average more than 19 hours per week, and in social networks - 33 hours per month.

according to research organisation Participatory Marketing Network, representatives generations Y spend more time for sending of electronic letters, SMS and sotsseti, than for phone conversations, the TV or reading of newspapers and magazines. But also more senior generations - X and bebi - bumery - do not lag behind in the Internet - activity: According to research iStrategyLabs, the greatest part of audience Facebook - 28,2 % - is made by Americans at the age of 35 - 54 years, and 24 - 34 - summer - 25,2 %.

One of the main advantages of advertising and marketing in social networks is that thanks to presence of the information on interests, a kind of activity of users and etc. the manufacturer has before itself as much as possible accurate portrait of audience, so, probability of hit of advertising in the purpose becomes still above. According to manufacturers of strong alcohol, the most effective kind of advertising considers creation of the separate page devoted to certain mark of alcohol. On pages references to official sites of a brand, news, production photo are placed. Users can leave comments or opinion on production. The more the person in group, the more popularly a brand among users. For example, in Facebook group Smirnoff Ice already totals today 457 thousand Users, on Jack Daniel ` s Tennessee Whiskey it is registered 364 thousand persons, on page Malibu - about 150 thousand Various game appendices, such as the Cocktail to the friend too are very claimed at manufacturers of alcohol - truth, to create them only usual users have the right. But in them it is possible to place names of various brands of one company.

it is frequent for advertising of new production the alcoholic companies create in a social network the page devoted to this or that event to which it is possible to invite many users. In honour of celebrating of century of a cocktail Mohito Bacardi has advertised the limited series of the well-known rum on special page in Facebook.

to Master advertising on open spaces of the Internet and in social networks in 2009 the American manufacturer of classical liquor on the basis of whisky Southern Comfort has dared also. In 2009 only - advertising the company has allocated $10 million for online So steadfast attention to the Internet director SoCo for marketing Lena DerOganessjan, explains so: the Age of our target audience makes 21 - 29 years, and to draw its attention by means of advertising on television there is all more difficultly . Besides, to leave in social network Southern Comfort has compelled an interdiction for advertising of strong alcoholic drinks in a television prime - a time. In two weeks after opening of page Southern Comfort in Facebook on it it was registered more 20 thousand persons. Lena DerOganessjan connects such popularity not only with reputation of mark. having started to master in 2009 the Internet - space, we have understood that the Internet will not help to create a brand - it will inform to users still any values, instead of simply contained bottles " more likely; - she speaks.

Besides advertising in social network Facebook, manufacturers of strong alcohol try to capture and a blog sphere fashionable now Twitter where users can send short text notes by means of SMS or other services. However, having analysed alcohol advertising on this portal, marketing experts have come to different opinions. The analyst of portal Online Marketing Connect of Drju Nejsser notices that in blogs at all company Diageo brands, for example, are not mentioned: Smirnoff, J &B, Captain Morgan and Johnnie Walker. In spite of the fact that in Twitter there are no age restrictions, most likely, the manufacturer does not want to draw once again attention of regulators. But in this community there are many pages devoted to less known spirits. In a blog devoted to vodka with aroma of bacon BaconVodka, recipes of cocktails, and also addresses where it is possible to get this alcohol are presented. Now a page of this meat Vodka totals more than 2 thousand friends. Other brand, Blackbottle, already has involved more than 300 fans of whisky. And after this brand has been presented at culinary festival The Taste of London, the audience alcoholic Twitter - communities can extend even more.

Russian the Internet - users also had an opportunity to get acquainted with advancement of strong alcohol in social networks. Here that Maria Danilin, the director on mediasellingu has informed BG agencies of innovative marketing Promo Interactive (holding Next Media Group): Within the limits of advancement of rum we had been created community of barmen Bacardi club. Membership in professional the Internet - community gave access right to information reading in the closed sections, and also the right to reception of other pleasant bonuses. Such non-standard approach has allowed the company to work directly with target audience (in this case with those who advances a drink further, to end users). And some time ago by means of club and youth the Internet - forums moved ahead other strong drink - tequila Sauza. More precisely, the drink, and parties FreshSetters Nights moved ahead not!, passing under the aegis of Sauza .

MINISTRY of Health WARNS, the REGULATOR OBSERVES In an early autumn in Great Britain there was a report of the British medical association (BMA) about negative influence of modern marketing of alcohol on young generation. BMA, in particular, it is anxious by that even more often in social networks there is an advertising of alcohol which, strictly speaking, does not break laws on advertising. However experts BMA consider that Existing norms of control over alcohol advancement are absolutely insufficient as pay the basic attention to the advertising maintenance, instead of its quantity. But even the norms supervising the maintenance of advertisements, are weak enough in business of an interdiction of advertising of alcohol and alcoholic sponsorship of popular actions for youth, such as musical festivals that connects alcohol with youth culture . As such examples BMA results two advertisements, placed in social network Facebook. In one the night club, where " is advertised; every Friday it is possible to pay only 10 euros and then all drinks for you will be free " for an input;. In the second other night club declares about the special action on Fridays: an input - only 2 euros, drinks - from 1,5 euros . According to BMA, practice use special offers at alcohol advancement in social networks Influences not only separate users, but also on public norms concerning alcohol intake . The British physicians underline that special danger of advertising of alcohol consists in social networks that many parents not in a condition to supervise, what advertising influences their children on such sites, as Facebook or Bebo .

However, not all negatively concern alcohol marketing in social networks. Practically simultaneously with the publication of report BMA the British Association on control over observance of standards in advertising branch (ASA) has published research of advertising of alcoholic drinks in different categories of mass-media, including on the Internet. Experts ASA have come to a conclusion that manufacturers of alcohol very responsibly concern advertising of production: 99 % otsmotrennyh advertisements and rollers correspond to the current legislation. Experts ASA have informed that from 456 advertisements only 5 conflict to the law - 2 in printing mass-media, 2 on TV and one in outdoor advertising. ASA notices that in comparison with last year the quantity of advertisements and the rollers which have got to them on viewing, has grown twice and has made 81, nevertheless at alcohol advertising on the Internet they have not revealed infringements. Experts considered five categories of advertising platforms: TV, printing mass-media, the Internet, radio and external carriers. From all five categories completely there corresponded to laws on advertising only commercials and announcements on the Internet and on radio (printing mass-media - 99 %, outdoor advertising - 92 %, TV - 96 %). According to experts of the market of alcoholic production, now while prematurely to say that advancement of alcoholic production in social networks will lead to growth of pressure of regulators on manufacturers. The analyst of research company Euromonitor International of Jeremiah Kannington in conversation with BG has informed that manufacturers will always test on themselves pressure in connection with potential harm of strong spirits, but the companies behave responsibly on these sites, therefore in this case I do not think that the situation will strongly change . The Russian experts adhere to similar opinion also. As Maria Danilin, " marks; nobody excludes the fact of possible negative influence of advertising of strong alcohol on youth. Here all on conscience of advertisers and agencies. Advancement in communities, as well as usual advertising, should be thought carefully over, supplied by corresponding marks. In general, all as, for example, in the same print advertising .