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Bread Manufacturers of bread in Chernozem region willingly are uniform

go with the product to the next areas, imposing to local players a serious competition first of all in the price policy. The Belgorod and Lipetsk bakers whom, taking in the lead positions in the areas are especially active at inter-regional level, actively work, in particular, in the market of Voronezh.

with BREAD To NEIGHBOURS In the Voronezh region in 2009, according to department of an agrarian policy of the regional government, bakeries it has been made 61,6 thousand t bread and 27,4 thousand t bakeries of products, in the first quarter 2010 - go - 14,5 and 6,6 thousand t accordingly. So, in a year in area it is baked hardly less than 100 thousand t bread. However requirement of region considerably above - at 290 thousand level t, according to officials. “ The missing volume is brought to us basically from the Belgorod and Lipetsk areas, - the expert of regional department of an agrarian policy Valery Ageev speaks. - Also has put here at all that our manufacturers do not consult. They can provide independently completely region with bread if will deduce the enterprises on a total power. But do not do it from - that their production is accepted to realisation by the trading networks, rather than put of the next areas is worse. The reason in the price: the Voronezh bakers are ready to deliver bread on 12,5 - 14,5 roubles for a loaf whereas belgorodtsy, for example, ask for the 12 roubles. Therefore both shops, and buyers give them preference “. According to the official, bakeries work only on 45 - 50 % of the possibilities last four years. “ our enterprises are well enough equipped technically. On the majority of them there is a new equipment. Therefore to let out production on 30 - 40 % more than today, they are precisely capable “ - mister Ageev has declared.

the Basic local manufacturer of bread in the market of the Voronezh region is the Voronezh grain company, Joint-Stock Company structure “ Russian food company, Ink “. It unites Open Society “ the Bakery Ή1 “ Open Society “ the Bakery Ή2 “ Open Society “ Tobus “ Open Society “ the Bakery Ή7 “ in the regional centre, and also factories in areas - Open Society “ semilukihleb “ Open Society “ novovoronezhhleb “ Open Society “ novohoperskhleb “ and Open Society “ Ostrogozhskhleb “. Besides, in “ Russian food company, Ink “ Open Societies " enter; Buturlinovkahleb “ and Open Society “ Liskihleb “. Two bakeries in region supervises agropromkorporatsija “ the Stojlensky field “ (Open Society “ the Bakery Ή5 “ and Open Society “ Bobrovhleb “) . One more enterprise - at local holding “ Belstar - agro “ Grigory Fedjakova (Open Society “ the Gold ear “ the former bakery Ή6). From the enterprises which have been not united within the limits of the large companies, to number of leaders on manufacture of bakery products in department carry Open Society “ Borisoglebskhleb “ and IP “ Kolodjazhnyj S. V “. Besides, in area work approximately 200 mini - bakeries. In aggregate they annually let out about 14,4 thousand t production.

the bakeries located in territory of the Belgorod region, under the statement of the authorities, provide the population of the region with bread on 100 %. At the same time they continue to increase output volumes. So, in 2009 they have baked 99,4 thousand t bakery products, in January - March 2010 - go - 24,2 thousand t that as have underlined in the regional government, on 1,2 thousand t more than during the same period of last year. As a whole in 2010 - m, under the forecast of officials, growth of volumes of release of bread will make to 8 % at the expense of expansion of assortment of bakeries of products. According to the information of department of economic development of the consumer market, now in region territory carry out activity of 100 baking enterprises, from them 86 mini - bakeries. However 80 % from total amount of made bread all - taki are necessary on large bakeries. Them in the field of 14. In particular, Joint-Stock Company “ the Bread-baking complex „the Gold ear“ “ the Voronezh holding “ Belstar - agro “ three enterprises agropromkorporatsii “ the Stojlensky field “ (Open Society “ the Bakery “ Open Society “ the Ear “ and Open Company “ the Krasnogvardejsky bakery “) Open Company “ the Grain house “ Open Company “ Old Oskolsky hlebohladokombinat “ Open Company “ your bread “ and others. “ our enterprises constantly work over updating of assortment of the products, develop new kinds of production, considering not only their food and power value, but also medical - preventive appointment “ - have declared in the regional government, separately having noticed that price of bread in region the stable. Officials also cite given Belgorodstata according to whom bread rye and rzhano - wheaten in their region as of June, 7th, 2010 on the average cost 14,98 roubles whereas in the Tambov region - 15,96, Kursk - 16,77, Lipetsk - 17,61, and in Voronezh - 20,41 roubles.

in the Lipetsk region in 2009, according to the authorities, it is made 86,8 thousand t bread and bakery products, in the first quarter 2010 - go - 20,2 thousand t. The basic manufacturer is Open Society “ Lipetskhlebmakaronprom “: Supervises an order of 75 % of the market of bread in region, includes 10 bakeries. On Lipetsk oblpotrebsojuz 20 % (into cooperation enters nearby 18 concerning the large enterprises) and 5 % - on mini - bakeries are necessary. Officials also assert that their enterprises on 100 % provide region with bread. However, recognise that bakeries work on the average on 80 % of the capacities. “ our manufacturers actively invest got profit in manufacture modernisation. For example, at “Lipetskhlebmakaronproma“ of an order 90 - 95 % of the new equipment. Therefore our bread - a product competitive “ - have declared in Lipetsk regional administration.

REGIONS REMAIN FOR LOCAL PLAYERS the Analyst of a management company “ finam Management “ Maxim Kljagin notices that the baking branch differs the lowest level of consolidation in spite of the fact that profitability on EBITDA at the branched out geography of manufactures can exceed 20 %. By its estimation, the largest operators in aggregate supervise less than 20 % of the Russian market of bread and bakery products in natural expression. 25 more % in total are necessary to Russia rather appreciable in scales to the company. The remained 55 % are formed by the local players which shares in the regional markets are formed at high enough level. “ in Russia there are no companies which would occupy essential shares in panification total amount in the country. The market of bakery products the localised. Therefore to speak about shares it makes sense within the limits of regions “ - the general director of Institute of a conjuncture of the agrarian market Dmitry Rylko continues.

Words of experts confirm the data of manufacturers. By own estimation “ the Stojlensky field “ in the first five of the companies operating in the Russian grain market, enter itself agropromkorporatsija (2,2 %), “ the Grain house “ (2,2 %), “ Nastjusha “ (1,6 %), “ the Loaf of SPb “ (0,93 %) and “ Lipetskhlebmakaronprom “ (0,92 %). Thus on the Belgorod bakery “ the Stojlensky field “ - Open Society “ the Ear “ - 37,7 % from total amount of bread made in region, on Joint-Stock Company " are necessary; the Bread-baking complex „the Gold ear“ “ (the holding " enters in Voronezh; Belstar - agro “) - 12,5 % and 7,6 % - on Open Company “ the Grain house “. Speaking about the Voronezh region, in “ to the Stojlensky field “ notice that in the lead positions occupy the enterprises of the Voronezh grain company: Open Society “ Tobus “ (12,7 %), “ the Bakery Ή1 “ (12,3 %), “ the Bakery Ή7 “ (12,2 %) and “ the Bakery Ή2 “ (9,6 %). The general director of the Voronezh grain company Vladimir Golov has declared that makes an order of 60 % of the Voronezh bread.

in “ to the Stojlensky field “ also have told that for today in Russia is more than 10 thousand bakeries, from which 1,5 thousand order - the large enterprises with annual capacity of manufacture to 25 million t (daily development - a 70 thousand order). By data agropromkorporatsii, 10 % of bread in the country there are less is issued by small bakeries whereas 90 % of bakery products are necessary on bakeries. “ this historically developed state of affairs. Bakeries basically work in a niche of mass consumption while small bakeries are more focused on “exclusive“ products, for example, on national corn and production of a class “premium“ with enough high cost price “ - the head of a baking battalion agropromkorporatsii " makes comments; the Stojlensky field “ Andrey Genov.

in turn, Dmitry Rylko notices that the baking branch is presented by the mixed enterprises: “ There are wholesale bakeries of the Soviet type which industrial lines need serious modernisation, in particular, from - for considerable shares of manual skills and high power consumption of manufacture. However, at the large enterprises technical reequipment all - taki is gradually spent “.

“ the Majority of factories have been constructed at the time of Soviet Union and are focused on product lines of the big productivity and the limited assortment. Today the consumer wants bolshego a variety of production. Therefore to the manufacturer focused on requirements of the market, it is necessary to realise actively a policy of technical re-equipment “ - Andrey Genov has declared.

Dmitry Rylko carries to the category of the cores also a problem which it has designated as “ loss of traditional Russian bread “. Its essence, according to the expert, consists that many manufacturers have passed to the simplified technologies. “ the companies think that thus they reduce the price of manufacture, and actually ruin branch, making poor quality bread. Therefore consumption of bakery products decreases in times “ - mister Rylko has declared.

it is valid, bread consumption in Russia falls year from a year. Accordingly, volumes of its manufacture are reduced also. So, it agree given Rosstata, in 2009 - the m of the organisation which are not concerning subjects small business, have baked only 5,1 million t bakery products that on 4,75 % it is less, than in 2008. Sales in the comparable prices have decreased on 0,3 % to 349,3 mlrd roubles.

“ panification in comparison with RFSR has decreased in 2,5 times: from 18 million t in 1990 to 8 million t in 2009 - m “ - the senior adviser of the company " ascertains; Financial and organizational consulting “ Dmitry Zhiljakov. The reasons of such falling, in its opinion, it is necessary to search not only in the general industrial recession 90 - h. “ Today a wide choice of products which occupy that share which in Soviet period belonged to bread in consumption structure. We gradually catch up with the developed countries of the world where in a year on the person it is necessary only 70 - 80 kg of bakery production “ - mister Zhiljakov speaks.

“ From the point of view of investment appeal the branch has a good potential, - Dmitry Zhiljakov considers. - First of all for the companies having own grain (raw) base, and also for agricultural manufacturers, at which panification - a way to creation of a processing component in structure of the business. And here from outside to enter into this branch difficult enough: investments be required essential, and profitability even the large enterprises seldom exceeds 5 % “. Profitability of small bakeries, according to mister Zhiljakova, considerably above. “ they, as a rule, are created recently, accordingly, work on the good equipment with use of modern technologies. And their production concerns higher price segment “ - the analyst speaks.

“ in the near future thanks to support which the state renders to small-scale business, the number mini - bakeries will grow. Their commodity market extremely lokalen: They are ready to offer buyers the production without staling and time for delivery. And for consumers one of the major qualities is the freshness of a product, therefore the buyers living near to a bakery, will get more likely its production, rather than will go to large network shop. In such situation bakeries which will show mobility will survive and will be, considering perspective tendencies of change of market conditions and assortment of small bakeries, to make competitive production “ - Andrey Genov speaks.