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For Toronto it is invaluable chance

the Mayor of Toronto David MILLER has told to the correspondent to Gennady SYSOYEV as summit G20 will be organised and that its carrying out will bring to the city.
- as Toronto prepared for summit carrying out?

- the Basic work on preparation has laid down on the federal government, but we in all actively participated. The joint group which was responsible for preparation coordination has been created. The summit agenda, naturally, the government defined.

- how many means are spent for summit preparation?

- I know the budget, but I can not name exact figures as it is the competence of the federal government. We have signed the agreement with the government, and it has paid all expenses for summit carrying out. I can tell one: it is very solid sum. Its considerable part will go on safety.

- That carrying out of the summit for the Toronto means?

- We perceive the summit not as a duty, and as possibility to show to Toronto as the world leader in business, the finance. For us it is invaluable chance.

- besides Toronto still, probably, also will earn at the summit?

- Hundred millions the dollars invested in preparation and carrying out of the summit, it, certainly, a positive for a city. But the main prize for Toronto - in the long term. We will present the city as a place for safe investments. As one of world financial leaders. As a venue of actions of a world scale, at last.

- And how usual inhabitants concern inconveniences which are inevitable at arrival of world leaders?

- There is, of course, an anxiety, but the basic perception - positive. People see in the summit possibility to show the city. Besides we beforehand inform the population on all restrictions connected with carrying out of the summit.

- and what you intend to do with antiglobalists, which will arrive to Toronto to make the protest?

- We are not going to stop peace protests. In Toronto there is a place where it is possible to express this protest. It is Royal park approximately in kilometre from the Center of the congresses where leaders " will communicate; the twenty . Let antiglobalists state there the discontent, and a safety force will provide peace character of the protest. Royal park - a traditional place in Toronto for carrying out of meetings.

- also what, collisions with police there never was?

- For all last years, on - to mine, only once.

- any special measures against terrorist threat are accepted?

- Certainly.

- How many a safety force will be involved at the summit?

- Exact figure I cannot name. I will tell only that it is a question of thousand people. They are federal agents, police of Ontario and Toronto. Plus of force from other cities.

- whether you Are going to meet personally world leaders? With the president of the Russian Federation, for example.

- I Hope that such possibility at me will be. Anyway if the invitation arrives, I it with pleasure the tonic.