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The militiaman mined benches and beaches

the Krasnodar regional court has begun hearings of criminal case concerning Ilya Galkin and Michael Denisenko, nine explosions accused of the organisation in Sochis made in 2008 - 2009, and also other grave crimes. Victims accused became, under the version of the investigation, 14 persons.
the public prosecutor of Krasnodar territory Leonid Korzhinek has started announcement of the bill of particulars on Ilya Galkin and Michael Denisenko`s business. Process, predictably, will be long: business materials make 120 volumes, as witnesses in court is planned to cause nearby 250 persons.

accused of court have appeared before public for the first time after the detention: earlier all sessions in courts on which petitions of a consequence for prolongation of terms of their arrest were considered, passed in the closed mode. 27 - summer Ilya Galkin and 26 - summer Michael Denisenko in court behaved easy, any loud statements did not do.

As appears from the bill of particulars, Ilya Galkin still has opened seven years ago in Sochi hunting on local vagabonds, having considered those unworthy life. In the winter of 2003, it is told in business, he has suggested the stranger similar, in his opinion, on the vagabond to sit down to it in the car, has brought on a beach and has started to beat, and then has some times shot to the victim at the person from a pneumatic pistol. The victim remained is live, but has practically lost sight. After that crimes accused, according to the investigation, for some time has hidden.

in April, 2007 as believes a consequence, Ilya Galkin serving then inspector PPS Hostinsky OVD, has solved again to clear Sochi from the homeless. The victims it looked for in wells of heating mains, shot it at the person from raketnitsy, altered under shooting by the hunting cartridges. Everything as believes charge, from hands of the defendant only three men and two women from April, 12 till April, 17th, 2007 were lost. After fulfilment of last murder as considers charge, Ilya Galkin, drinking with stepbrother Alexander Deshko, has let out to that the crimes. Then, being afraid of exposure, the militiaman has shot the relative and has dismembered its body. It has dumped a part of fragments of a body in a well, the consequence and has not found the others. However, Alexander Deshko and Ilya Galkin Ilya Deshko`s father is not inclined to accuse of murder of the son. I am assured that his brother, and people with whom our family had disputes in court concerning apartment " is involved in disappearance of my son not; - he has told in court. The father of the defendant also is assured that that did not kill vagabonds though felt to them hostility. in the childhood it was frightened time and again by tramps who in considerable quantities gather in different areas Sochis, drink, behave outrageously. There was a case that years in six any the tramp tried to strangle Ilya, I had to beat off the child at the drunk vagabond - Ilya Deshko has explained.

Other episodes of criminal case concern the explosions made, according to the investigation, by defendants. As appears from the bill of particulars, Ilya Galkin and its friend Michael Denisenko throughout about a year have made nine crimes under one scheme: the mine capacity 50 g in the trotyl equivalent, made under instructions from the Internet, masked under a small lamp, a cigarette case, a flask or a man purse. Then criminals, considers a consequence, went to one of the areas Sochis removed from their residence at night and left a mine on a shop in square or in an apartment house court yard. Near to an explosive they put a pack of cigarettes or a sparkling water bottle that the impression was made that these things are forgotten.

Besides a bookmark of small explosives as believes a consequence, defendants Galkin and Denisenko have organised two large explosions in Adler and on a beach in Loo. In the first case as a cover for a bomb capacity of trotyl of 50 kg had been used a heating copper, the house part has as a result fallen. In the second - criminals have put 9 kg of trotyl in the case of the fire extinguisher and have dug a mine at water, counting that stones galechnogo a beach will work as splinters. People as a result were lost.

that circumstance that law enforcement bodies long could not leave on a trace of criminals, charge explains to that Ilya Galkin as the police officer had some data about a course of investigation and tried to confuse the colleagues. In particular, knowing that the militia on the case of explosions has orientation to the car Volga Galkin has decided to take away suspicions from the owner Volga Michael Denisenko - the militiaman has found the similar car in Sochi, has sent on a cellular telephone of the owner of car SMS and has made some calls, and then has left phone, from which called, on a place of one of explosions to direct a consequence on a false way.

to find out a position of defendants concerning the accusations brought to its yesterday it was not possible - Galkin`s lawyers and Denisenko have refused flatly to communicate with journalists. Hearings will proceed on June, 21st.