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Vasily Aleksanjan has received a previous conviction without term

Vice-president NK YUKOS Vasily Aleksanjan has been detained in Moscow on March, 31st, 2006 . Under the version of the investigation, heading in 1998 - 1999 company legal department, he participated in plunder of property of East oil company and Tomskneft for the sum 12 mlrd rbl. on April, 7th Basmanny Court of Moscow authorised its arrest. In a pre-trial detention centre Sailor`s Tishin mister Aleksanjan has gone on hunger strike, and on April, 11th for refusal of physical examination has been placed for ten days in a punishment cell.

on May, 31st, 2006 it became known about serious problems of mister Aleksanjana with health. In the autumn the medical consultation has revealed at it a tuberculosis, sight loss, a HIV and a cancer of lymphatic system. After that the European court under human rights has three times specified in necessity of hospitalisation accused, however it continued to hold in a pre-trial detention centre.

on January, 9th, 2007 the State Office of Public Prosecutor has finished a legal investigation, Vasily Aleksanjan has started acquaintance with its materials. In 2008 wide public campaign for protection of the rights of the accused has begun. The former head of YUKOS Michael Khodorkovsky has spent 12 - day hunger-strike, in Moscow and regions have passed street actions, with declarations in support of mister Aleksanjana deputies of EuroParliament, political and public figures have acted.

the legal investigation has in essence begun on February, 5th, 2008 in Simonovsky court of Moscow which has suspended next day process for treatment accused, but has not cancelled its arrest. on February, 7th FSIN has declared hospitalisation of mister Aleksanjana. Lawyers have informed that in 60 - j to its city hospital have chained for a hand a chain to a bed . on December, 8th the court has made the decision on clearing eks - the manager of YUKOS on the security in 50 million rbl. On December, 30th arrest has been removed, on January, 12th, 2009 the accused has been translated on a house mode of treatment.

on September, 21st, 2009 in court results of medical examination according to which personal participation in process can entail heavy consequences for mister Aleksanjana have been published. on June, 10th, 2010 protection has declared the petition for removal of action in connection with the prescription expiry of the term.