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The calendar

In Moscow in the State Duma will act on June, 30th, 2010 the director of Federal Agency for drug enforcement Victor Ivanov will address to deputies of the State Duma.

in Moscow the presidium of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation will consider representation about cases renewal the Limonov supporter Vladimir Lindta in connection with the decision of the European court under human rights.

for June, 30th in Moscow the Moscow Regional Court has transferred session on the case of attempt on eks - the head of the Russian Open Society UES of Russia and nowadays the head of state corporation Rosnano Anatoly Chubays.

from June, 30th till July, 4th in Zhukovsky (Moscow Region) will pass a forum Technologies in mechanical engineering - 2010 . Representatives of the NATO will take part In a forum.

in Saratov the regional court will carry out preliminary hearings on criminal case about murder of the public prosecutor of the Saratov region Evgenie Grigoriev which has been shot on February, 13th, 2008.

In Germany elections of the new president will take place. Convocation of Federal meeting is appointed to this day - the special constitutional body created for presidential elections of Germany.

at 15:00 in Moscow in RIA News the press - conference the Lord Mayor of London Nika Ensti on a theme will take place: Cooperation of Moscow and London in financial sector .

In Bruxelles the Eurocommission will publish new rules of budgets for the EU countries.

in Moscow in RIA News the press - management company conference " will take place; the WHALE of Fortis Investments on which to journalists will tell about essential changes in company activity.

till June, 30th in Moscow for operators of outdoor advertising term of decrease in the base rent rate is prolonged for 30 % which should end with the beginning of 2010.

For June, 30th in Moscow the Federal arbitration court of the Moscow district has appointed consideration of the appeal of the former wife of businessman Shalvy of Chigirinsky Tatyana Panchenkovoj to the decision of court of appeal instance which has seized apartment Chigirinsky.

in Moscow the Ninth arbitration appeal court has appointed consideration of the complaint to the decision of arbitration court of Moscow on collecting To June, 30th from Open Society the Brewing company Baltic in favour of Open Company the Trading company Russian malt about 200 million roubles of the penalty under the contract.

in Arkhangelsk the arbitration court has appointed preliminary judicial session to June, 30th under the company claim Total Investigation Working out Russia to interdistrict inspection FNS N 4 across the Arkhangelsk region and Nenets autonomous region with the requirement of return of the VAT of a total sum of 28,330162 million rbl.

in Izhevsk the arbitration court of Udmurtiya has postponed consideration of the claim of Open Company For June, 30th Kia Motors Rus to Open Society IzhAvto about 93 million 311,152 thousand roubles collecting.

for June, 30th in St.-Petersburg descent to water of the barge for the first floating atomic power station is planned.

in the Barrow the arbitration court has appointed session to June, 30th under the claim of the minority shareholder of Open Society Kurgan factory of chemical mechanical engineering Sergey Kirpichenko about a recognition void decisions of board of directors on increase in an authorised capital stock of the enterprise.

in Czechia in resignation the head of the Central Bank of the country Zhdenek Tuma will leave.

From June, 30th till July, 2nd in Nizhni Novgorod will pass the World bus salon.

till June, 30th it is planned to finish creation joint Belarus - the Venezuelan enterprise for deliveries of oil from Venezuela to Belarus.

in Moscow in RIA News The press - conference on a theme will take place: Socially - the government at schools as a necessary condition of formation of new school of Russia .

In Moscow in RIA News the press - conference Bavaria Moscow City Racing on which organizers will officially present a command of the Formula 1 which will take part for the first time in indicative arrivals round the Kremlin on July, 18th, 2010 will take place.

in Moscow in RIA News the press - the conference devoted to the announcement of winners of the national award " will take place; the Prize of sympathies of Russian press SIMPRE 2009 .