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The lieutenant colonel left for one million

a pre-trial detention centre of Barnaul the deputy chief of department of the Center on counteraction to extremism is released at the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Altay territory Vasily Mandzjuk in which relation some criminal cases, including preparation for murder are investigated. The day before the court has released the lieutenant colonel of militia on the security of 1 million rbl.
As has told lawyer Nikolay Gorodilov, the Central regional court of Barnaul has considered the petition of investigatory management of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across Altay territory about prolongation to Vasily Mandzjuku of arrest term for two months, till August, 22nd. For prolongation of term of the maintenance in pre-trial detention centre N 3 Barnauls inspectors have specified to one of the bases that concerning the lieutenant colonel who was already in custody, the second criminal case - about the organisation of preparation for murder (item 30, 33, 105 criminal codes of Russian Federation) on June, 9th has been brought. Under the charge version, autumn of 2009 mister Mandzjuk has suggested the acquaintance to liquidate the Altay businessman living in Moscow. However the killers who ostensibly have accepted through the intermediary the order for murder find a victim in capital could not.

charge on the first business - about weapon illegal circulation (item 222 of the criminal code of Russian Federation) and abusing powers of office (item 285) - has been shown the militiaman in March, the lieutenant colonel has been arrested. According to inspectors, militiaman Mandzjuk through the acquaintance has transferred to the participant of one of criminal groupings grenade RGD - 5 therefore concerning the last action has been brought.

mister Mandzjuk considers the business fabricated, and criminal prosecution - revenge of employees of bodies of drug enforcement of region which some narcopolicemen, according to the militiaman, ostensibly render protection.

the Lawyer of lieutenant colonel Mandzjuka declared time and again that in March to its client at war in the Chechen Republic and having the state awards (at it a medal For courage an award For merits before fatherland I and II degrees), the strict measure of suppression in the form of arrest has been selected excessively: according to the defender, the court could be limited, for example, to the appearance obligation to the inspector.

in court accused Mandzjuk has asked court to release it under monetary pledge. The Office of Public Prosecutor has supported the petition of a consequence for prolongation to the militiaman of term of arrest. However the judge has satisfied the petition of the militiaman. Having found out financial position of the lieutenant colonel and its relatives, the judge has established pledge at a rate of 1 million rbl. This sum already has arrived into the depositary account of court, and the militiaman has been released from a pre-trial detention centre. According to defender Gorodilova, in the nearest plans of its client to correct undermined almost for three months of the maintenance in prison health. Mister Gorodilov believes that the Office of Public Prosecutor will address in regional court with cassation representation about judgement cancellation about clearing of the lieutenant colonel.