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Damian Kudryavtsev about the Khan and Jashe
- As it is good that you have arrived, the father! And that at us all system has got bad! - Jasha shouts, and it means that the downloaded animated cartoons have ended, the Internet far, and on the usual TV show football where commands of the countries, about which Jasha at least heard, have been broken by the countries about which did not hear even the Khan. The sea cold, in Moscow hot, and elder sister promptly is included into age when least on light are interested in younger brothers.

even brothers smaller interest it more. The khan has already read seven kgs of the books taken on rest, among which the Head of professor Douelja and now thumbs through magazine Round the world examining animals.

- if the lizard has rejected the tail following at it grows without a backbone, only from a cartilage, and in general this lizard will be ill more and will die faster, than remained with a tail. Fathers, truth it is a pity, what if you have seized a lizard and it has left to you a tail, at it otrastet a new tail, and at a tail not otrastet a new lizard?

- and the tail will twitch and will die! - adds Jasha, its conversation about death carries away very much, almost as to the Khan, but without fear, without booming horror at night when you will get confused in the dark suddenly expanded corridor, without learning in the hung mirror as - that on - especial small itself.

- Simply there is such thing - death, - Jacob argues, pacing on growing dark park. - it happens at pirates. It comes.

- Jasha, not before a dream! - the sister unexpectedly loudly screams, paternal in bushes is distributed strekot, quickly passing in a crash, and therefrom on avenue forward a back the cat, one of fifteen counted up here since morning takes off, and behind it - pichuga Haninoj of a palm, with a beak napereves there is more. Having found on asphalt four paws, the cat has rushed nautek, and the bird would be ready to return to itself to bushes, but on a way there were laughing we, and it had to fly away far away, and only then we have seen on road the fight reason - a small baby bird. It was a match grey colour for the earth, its easy new feathers seemed fur more likely, and he scaredly moved the extended head so from above seemed almost a little mouse, and there and then could be lost in the second time, but children, simultaneously rushed to stroke, have faced foreheads so the chickabiddy has got to me and small shivered in a hand, being scratched by disproportionately big claws.

- give otnesemte it home! - for excitement at Jashi language is confused.

- and than we will feed him?

- we once on a summer residence have found a young daw and cut to it an earthworm, - has told the Khan, and I have thought that next time it is necessary to palm off on it not Beljaeva, and Bianki.

- Well and how, he has eaten?

- you Understand, it was very big worm, his head and, well (here the Khan looks at Jashu) itself understand, other part have crept away, and seredinku he could not eat, very big piece for it, probably, it has turned out.

- here you see, and this baby bird after all is less than young daw?

- it is much less. And what he in general - that eats?

- they eat komarikov, I know, - vstrevaet Jasha, - and I can catch them.

- where?

- At itself in a bedroom. They will arrive to bite me, and the baby bird will eat them!

- perhaps, Jasha, it will not approach.

- then it can be left here, we will depart, and mum will help it.

- both of them cats will eat!

the stalemate is perfect.

During this moment the sun was definitively went, became cold and dark so sharply, as soon as at the sea in the childhood as does not happen in the adult Moscow heated for a day where, well truth, not to carry with itself a baby bird.

- and let`s put it back?

- Where back?

- well he does not live directly on road, at it, probably, in bushes a nest of which it from - for a cat has dropped out.

this simple thought to me did not come to a head. One hand groping a nest - the bush consisted of continuous prickles, - I try to push another between branches of a twitching baby bird.

- the khan! Take phone, posveti I have some at the left!

- And I am possible?

- is not present, Jasha, is impossible for you!

- Well why? - zanyl Jasha, hiding in a sleeve the bargaining chip - phone.

- because you and have not learnt, where the right hand, and where the left! - Quickly thinks the Khan and snatches out iPhone at the brother just in case holding by its both hands.

- I have taken offence! I have left! - and it has really made both steps separating it from darkness.

we have planted a baby bird into place and have departed from a bush to look, whether the adult bird will return, but and have not made out. And, having frozen, silently have gone home - till the end of avenue, and there to the right. When we have approached to a porch, familiar peep nearby was distributed.

- who here? - On - mhatovski ohaju I.

is a chickabiddy, you have lost the brother, he hides from cats behind a porch, but they necessarily will eat it!

the khan has sprinkled, and from it the next caustic remark with what maturing sisters pin up maljavok already has almost escaped, but I have time to embrace her such special capture which will easily outgrow from fatherly caress in a burdensome asthma if she immediately does not reflect and will not reject a tail.

- and you there in the dark it is not terrible? - A serious voice I ask.

and then Jasha has given out truthful, even he does not know how much exact answer: While is not present .