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the Future of which ten years ago it was possible to dream only, has come: now the TV it is possible to look, without leaving the Internet. However, the future has come yet everywhere and not to the full: in some parts of the world the Internet - the television already became the subject of state regulation and where - that units of legal speakers only try to make a competition of army of pirates.

television with delivery in the computer
In the countries about the Internet - the focused population - first of all in the Western Europe and the USA - rapid growth online - television has begun all any four years ago though the first steps in this direction have been made still in 1994 - the m. One of the first in it were believed by large speakers. In particular, BBC in November 2006 - go has started for the fourth channel service video on demand (4oD) which allowed the spectator to look recently shown programs through the Internet. And in June, 2008 at it has appeared own BBC iPlayer: with its help it was possible to get access to the video data belonging to corporation, within seven days from the date of display on the air. The similar seven-day system, by the way, became the standard decision for many the Internet - TV channels.

on other coast of Atlantic in 2007 - the m has appeared service Hulu - joint venture NBC Universal, Fox Entertainment Group and ABC Inc. For three years Hulu has grown in hardly probable not the main supplier of a telecontent on demand for Internet users in the USA - both regular shows, and serials of all colours. The project management has declared that, by their calculations, for first two quarters he has earned $100 million that is more than for all 2009, and the quantity of video streams which are looked through monthly by users, in January 2010 - go has reached 903 million - the second result in America after the main video library of the Internet - YouTube. Thus Hulu all this time remains free. In the end of May, 2010 its owners announced service Hulu Plus: storehouse of video shown more weeks ago (except for the shows which have been let out by cable channels), accessible for $9,95 a month. However service start already was some times postponed.

the speakers armed with technological novelties have managed to advance television not only in computers, but also in all modern games consoles, from PlayStation to Wii, and in mobile devices, from players to smart phones. The telecontent is delivered to the spectator both through a web - sites, and by means of special supplements which download it and within a month regularly show in a mode oflajn. According to research of the American resource eMarketer, the number local the Internet - users who constantly look online - video, with 2008 - go on 2009 - j has increased on 11,3 % and has made about 135 million persons. In the majority it is young men from 18 till 24 years: the majority of them (if not all) is received by new releases of favourite serials and teleshow by means of the Internet. According to the senior analyst eMarketer the Floor Are true, business not only that technologies have appeared in time and speed of data exchange has grown, but also that the first embodiment online - video was reduced to rollers about cats on YouTube, and now it is a question of professionally made programs. A web - TV became so popular that has managed to describe a cycle and in new quality to return to a television receiver. The models, capable to accept both usual TV - an announcement, and digital, through a wire of broadband access now are issued. Manufacturers are assured that for this year will be sold not less than 14,6 million such TVs, and at preservation of rates of increase in their 2014 will be already realised 83,4 million

Small forward
Foreign sites assert that in Russia very much - it is very bad about the Internet - television. In particular, translations online - video in Russia, from the point of view of many foreign experts, are under heavy influence of numerous domestic media pirates, and legal speakers - in obvious minority. Fluent studying of results like would confirm this diagnosis: pretty often meet online - the TV channels built on a stolen cursor and broadcasting stolen video by means of a site, which - as stuck together of the free designer. In realities the basic part of the audience, ready to look video on the Internet, goes to other places.

own resources online - videos have started to develop quickly in the same years, as foreign, but financial crisis is stronger, than in the same Europe, has struck on undertaking: the Internet - TV channel " has not managed to endure it, for example; TV of Cliques Become in 2007 - m one of the most ambitious and curious startups on this field. Crisis has affected and growth of number of Internet users: instead of the predicted 63 million in 2009 - the m in Russia managed to be counted about 32 million persons, from them only at half - access with high speed which video online allows to look. From the others a habit to address for a video content not to the TV, and to the monitor have mastered, under the different data, from one heel to one third of all users. However they - the most active in a RuNet, and the majority suppressing them does not look almost radio television, being guided more often on cable or IPTV, and even at all ignoring a box for the idiot . Therefore and it is no wonder that on this audience people from " have tried to leave somewhat quicker; an United Russia : The infamous creator a several web - projects Konstantin Rykov consisting in this party, together with corporation New Media Stars headed by Dmitry Itskovym, in 2007 - m has started site Russia. ru. It was quickly enough put forward on in the lead positions: it agree to the portal data, its video data sustained in the tideway of the current policy of United Russia party members, monthly looks through to 2,4 million persons. With 2009 - go the resource to independently created rollers has added news plots and has declared itself as about the first high-grade the Internet - TV channel exclusively with the content. Founders Russia. ru assert that the channel earns on life and development by advertising, but many experts are assured that has not done without large investments from loyal businessmen: by different estimations, it about $100 million

Site Tvigle. ru - other popular place about online - video - has avoided ideologizatsii and has moved towards pure entertainment. It has from the very beginning counted on a professional content which began to make itself and to buy from legal owners. The director for marketing and public relations Tvigle Media of Lina Udovenko has told that legal owners, both local, and western, thanks to crisis became much more pokladistee in negotiations, and the prices for a video production have lowered. One of the actual innovations, mastered for last year, became vykladyvanie feature films for online - viewing, truth, without downloading. In particular, users Tvigle have got access to a part of a film library of the companies Tsentral Partnership Amedia and Lenfilm . In this sense portal activity corresponds to a world trend which clearly specifies in a prompt gain of audience full metre on the Internet (in the USA from 2008 - go on 2009 - j the number of such spectators has doubled).

it is logical to assume that such resource most of all earns on advertising, and raises money as by means of traditional media advertising (banners), and new advertising video formats (pre - mid - and postbeaters, overlei and etc.) . However in Tvigle declare that hardly probable no more powerful source of the income are spetsproekty. One of them, made for a brand Hrus team corporation PepsiCo companies Frito Lay, has received high responses on the Russian Internet: speech about a parody cartoon serial Versus which can be seen in the separate channel of a video portal. The brand is organically integrated into a serial and does not cause tearing away even in those whom advertising products usually irritate. PepsiCo after an exit of the first season of a serial has signed the contract on the second.

it is surprising, but the sports segment online - video - a sure version in the western market - in our country remains to no small degree dotatsionnym. One of the most appreciable the Internet - the TV channels devoted to sports, - championat. tv, resource video section championat. ru (enters into company SUP) as its founders speak, the component though tries to earn on advertising works more as imidzhevaja and regularly receives orders from the most different advertisers - from the largest manufacturers of cars to the small pharmaceutical companies. As well as many startups 2008 - go, it has been strongly corrected by crisis: in particular, it was necessary to refuse plans of own full-scale manufacture of a content. A bargaining chip as a result of a steel rollers with the best moments of matches Russian football the prime minister - leagues the rights on which the portal has bought at NTV + and own materials on a theme. This accent completely has justified itself and even has allowed a portal to plan straight lines the Internet - translations of matches which will begin at once upon termination of a world championship in Southern Africa, but will be shown on other resource of company SUP - in sports sotsseti fanat. ru. For two years of existence in the domain. tv the site left in leaders sports online - video. As the editor-in-chief championat has informed. ru Michael Semin, only in the winter Olympic Games - 2010 it was not on the first place: therefrom it was displaced by resource VGTRK sportbox. ru which actively used the translations of competitions given by headquarters plant. Nevertheless, if audience of the basic resource championat. ru makes about 400 thousand unique visitors a day (more than 3 million a month) the quantity of spectators of video division in peak days reaches 40 - 50 thousand a day, and in usual - only 10 - 15 thousand Natural result of such position became integration of the last into the first, and now the address. tv conducts on telesection the Championship . Its management believes that in such kind to develop in sense thematic online - video will be more correct and easier: It will be possible to use more actively the Internet - toolkit and every possible forms interaktiva, perfected on territory of the basic resource.

contemporary history
Despite all difficulties rising on a way online - the television, to all speakers it is clear that this format shortly will win all. Internet surfers who do not need to explain such things, have begun to develop video resources. The Russian radio channels too have acquired it and have started own the Internet - representations. However all new TV channels on - former are created counting upon a habitual announcement, not on a radio-wave or the companion so though on a cable, and the Internet the auxiliary role is taken away. Television which has every chance to break a stereotype, there was a project the RAIN. As its main initiator and proprietress Natalia Sindeeva known also as the general producer of radio station " admits; the Silver rain According to a plan, delivery systems of the channel to spectators should be traditional. However for two years during which the channel moved from a plan to an embodiment, technologies online - announcements have made considerable jerk. If at first it was a question a maximum of one thousand the spectators capable simultaneously to look a direct transmission of video on the Internet in 2010 technical experts have started talking about one hundred thousand simultaneous connections, high quality of a signal, association to popular network services and other delights of high technologies on service of modern television. Usual delivery systems of video data have not lost an urgency for founders of the RAIN: in the future they would like to see it and in cable networks, and on the companion, but online - an announcement for it becomes one of priority directions. Natalia Sindeeva underlines that it provides the fastest and reliable message between the RAIN and its spectators.

the Channel has dared at refusal of many templates. For example, it has made own work as a part of the aether. With orientation to the Internet - an announcement this line from attractive, but not always a clear and well-founded idea became something absolutely natural, and technologies have added to it interactivities. Now to a direct announcement on a site tvrain. ru it is connected vidzhet by one of the largest world social networks Facebook, and users whom videos look, can make comments on that they see, to offer the ideas - and it there can be an aether discussion, selection of style of leaders, business negotiations or celebrating of birthdays of workers of the channel - and there and then to receive reaction from the air. Judging by the spectator comments, the open architecture of the RAIN for many has appeared a solving argument in favour of this channel.

As it is possible to understand from experience of Russian video resources initially focused on the Internet, in earning in a network money for advertising, the big problem is not present. However founders of the RAIN have laid down to themselves the aim to result in online of the advertisers, got used to exist in cable and radio spaces. Judging by the first results, some are morally ready to such turn: advertising on the channel has already appeared.