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Indemnifications have appropriated a rank

to Relatives of the victim in 2008 in an air crash the general - colonel Gennady Trosheva managed to achieve in court from “ Aeroflot “ and the insurance company “ Moscow “ payments of 16 million rbl. of indemnification of moral and material harm. This sum of eight times more that which was received by relatives of other victims. According to the lawyer of several families of victims Igor Trunov, payment of such sum says that to a family of the general was “ the special relation “.
In Industrial court of Perm the agreement of lawsuit between relatives of plane Boeing which has lost in an air crash 737 in Perm in 2008 of former commander Severo - the Caucasian military district, eks - the adviser of the president of the Russian Federation concerning the Cossacks of the Hero of Russia Gennady Trosheva and three respondents - airlines " has been concluded; Aeroflot “ “ Nordavia “ (earlier was called “ Aeroflot - the North “) And the insurance company “ Moscow “. Manufacture on business has been stopped on April, 19th: all respondents have agreed to satisfy requirements of claimants about compensation of the moral and material harm caused in connection with  destruction of the general. The court as a result has established that the total sum of compensatory payments to Gennady Trosheva`s widow, his mother, two daughters and two sisters will make 16,329 million rbl.

Board SU 821, following flight Moscow - Perm on which the adviser of the president of the Russian Federation for affairs of the Cossacks the Hero of Russia the general - colonel Gennady Troshev flied, has fallen at landing approach in the airport Big Savino. As a result of tragedy 82 passengers and six crewmen were lost. This very day criminal case on ch has been brought. 3 items 263 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (infringement of safety rules of movement and operation railway, air or a sailing charter, entailed on imprudence death of two or more persons). According to conclusions of the investigation and results of the investigation spent by the commission of Interstate aviation committee, the accident immediate cause names loss by the commander of the aircraft of spatial orientation. Besides, it was specified that the pilot took alcohol. Thus at first the main investigatory management of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor (SKP) has stopped manufacture on criminal case concerning Rodion Medvedev, commander Boeing 737. However then SKP the Russian Federation has cancelled the decision about phase-out on business, having directed it on additional investigation.

yesterday in the companies acting as respondents under the claim of relatives of general Trosheva, could not comment, why they have agreed for such sum of payments. The adviser of the general director “ Nordavia “ on public relations Igor Gurevich has declared “ “ that cannot give comments on this theme. And in a reception of the general director of the insurance company “ Moscow “ have referred to its employment. It is necessary to notice that right after failures representatives “ Aeroflot “ have declared that relatives of victims can obtain compensation at a rate of 2 million rbl. But as has told “ “ the head of initiative group of relatives of victims Valery Sevostyanov to obtain compensation in such size it has appeared is problematic: “ red tape very serious “. For this purpose, as he said, it was required to collect very much a considerable quantity of the inquiries confirming the right to payment that was possible not all. As a result the different sums have been paid.

lawyer Igor Trunov representing in courts interests of several families of victims in that air crash, says that with many of them the agreement of lawsuit has been concluded, however the sums of compensatory payments of all cases did not exceed 2 million rbl. Award to relatives of general Trosheva of the sum of eight times bolshej, than the rest, “ says that it the special person and to a family of Troshevyh the special relation “. As a whole occurring to payment of indemnifications the lawyer characterises all as “ a disgrace “. In its opinion, the court at definition of the size of indemnification should be guided by the Convention on the international civil aircraft as that flight was international. According to the convention, the minimum size of responsibility makes 250 thousand special rights of loan, that is about 11,5 million rbl. At the same time courts, as he said, take in attention of position of the Air code of the Russian Federation and, proceeding from it, define the size of indemnification only at a rate of 2 million rbl. Mister Trunov believes that such approach is unfair. Also he is assured, as 2 million, and 11,5 million rbl. is only minimum size of payments and relatives have the right to demand more.