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Correct game: to grow a kitchen garden, steal at the neighbour

Today Farmville - the most popular game in social network Facebook. It has been started in June, 2009. The player feigns farm management in a mode of real time (that is game it is impossible to keep to return to it through any time). The Main objective - cultivation of plants which have the different period of maturing, from two o`clock about four days. Thus, the player can define itself how often he wants to come back in the game, everyone some hours, time in day or time in four days. Game is free, but a number of options is accessible only for real money for which also it is possible to buy additional game currency.

having bought seeds and having ploughed a field, players sow it that through certain time to reap a crop. If it in time not to collect, it will be lost, it provides a returning regularity in game. Thus it is favourable to player to have as much as possible friends then it can expand the site (differently for it among neighbours it is necessary to pay real money). Neighbours help to look after each other a farm and to build buildings.

the same concept underlies also the most popular Russian game appendix in sotssetjah - games the Happy farmer . However, game is adapted for our realities. If in Farmville players help each other, in the Happy farmer neighbours can throw weeds and wreckers, and also to steal from them a crop. So to players it is necessary not only to watch the farm and to think of, how to earn more than game money, but also to protect the economy from attacks of thievish friends. For farm protection buy a dog who can be got only for real money, having sent paid SMS or having paid in the terminal (payment for a dog should be repeated regularly). For real money it is possible to buy and game currency faster to equip the farm, instead of to save for it game money, postponing on a penny.

game the Happy farmer on advantage has been estimated by Vladimir Zhirinovsky. On a LDPR site the fragment from his letter to the founder sotsseti " is resulted; Vkontakte to Pavel Durov: Pavel! Good game, correct. To grow a kitchen garden, steal at the neighbour . However, the party leader remained is dissatisfied with errors in the game text, having advised to Durov them to correct.

besides various farms and any simulators like a simulator of management of restaurant or a fishing simulator in sotssetjah are popular as well other kinds of game appendices, for example the appendix for game in poker with other users sotsseti or appendices which allow to send something to a gift (a virtual greeting card or a virtual alcoholic cocktail). Such gift appendices are often used for dejtinga (acquaintances). But the principle of actions of all game appendices for sotssetej is identical: to play them it is possible and it is free, but, having involved in game, players want to use the additional options accessible only for real money.