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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns

the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation recommendations about observance of security measures for Russian citizens leaving abroad are developed and published. At visiting of many Asian, African and Latin American states the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation orders to take root preliminary from dangerous illnesses (for example, from a yellow fever or a cholera) to consider level of street criminality (not to appear in public places in expensive ornaments not to carry great sums of money) or to abstain from carrying of the open and fitting clothes, and also from the alcohol use (in the Muslim countries). Only 4 from 173 Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the states entering into the list directly are not recommended by the ministry for visiting: Afghanistan (concerns the countries with high level of terrorist and criminal danger), Iraq (in connection with impossibility to provide a personal security of the Russian citizens), Republic Solomon Islands (the probability of a malaria, a tuberculosis and gastric frustration is high; conditions) are observed astable kriminogennaja and Are central - the African Republic (it is permanent difficult internal political conditions in the country). - Madagascar, Mali, Niger and Comoro Islands - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation did not recommend to visit four More African states from - for military coup d`etats, proisshedshih in the last two days. Besides, concerning the several countries the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises to abstain from visiting of internal areas with adverse kriminogennoj or political conditions: in Algeria it is 10 areas of capital, in India - vicinities of an old city of Delhi, in Nepal - all country, except a valley of Katmandu, in Thailand - capital Bangkok. Let`s notice that the several poorest countries, different similar conditions and entering into list Forbes as the most dangerous to visiting, in the list of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in general are not present: this Burundi, Haiti, the Cat - d ` Ivuar, Liberia, Papua - New Guinea, Somalia, Sierra - Leon. Obviously, Russians seldom visit these states and without any recommendations.

besides the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation one more federal department acts with own cautions and even attempts of interdictions for citizens leaving abroad is Rospotrebnadzor. In the summer of 2009 the head of department Gennady Onishchenko has ordered to the regional authorities to take measures on a non-admission of departure of the organised groups of children abroad motivirovav it is the threat of a pork flu which is starting with England. As a result by the end of 2009 the Russian union of the tourist`s industry ascertained that demand for educational rounds has abroad fallen on 40 - 50 % to level of 2008.