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Moscow threatens Minsk with pressure of gas

Moscow again Belarus to Russia - reduction of its transit threatens Minsk with gas switching-off, and. The question price - $192 million, which Beltransgaz has run into debt to Gazprom from - for applications odnostoronne the entered prices for received gas, - it is insignificant for both parties of the conflict. The policy of the gas crane urged to compel to unblock Belarus creation of uniform customs territory of the Customs union.
today Russia promises to begin new gas war with Belarus (see from June, 19th). Negotiations about debt settlement in $192 million for gas throughout days off have not resulted in any results. Moscow and Minsk are ready to gas switching-off. In Gazprom yesterday have informed that the decision on introduction of strict measures is . It means that today in 10. 00 Moscow time the Russian monopoly will enter restriction of deliveries of gas. Belarus in the answer has already warned that in case of reduction of deliveries to 85 % technologically cannot support to the full transit of the Russian gas to Europe .

the Belarus party does not carry out the contractual obligations between Gazprom and Beltransgazom and the third year pays $150 for one thousand cubic metre (under the contract the price is equal in the second quarter 2010 of $184,8 for one thousand cubic metre) successively. As a result for five months 2010 current debts of Belarus before Gazprom has made an order $192 million At the same time, according to the first deputy minister of Energy of Belarus Edward Tovpentsa, Gazprom owe to Belarus more than $200 million for gas transit on the Belarus territory. There is no saying, on whose party in this situation there will be a court if the parties decide to sort out relations a civilised way. vitse - the prime minister of Russia Igor Sechin has already threatened the Belarus party: Court we will understand, who to whom should . However a source familiar with a situation, has explained that Beltransgaz does not sign certificates of acceptance of gas for its subsequent transit in the European Union countries. That is legally volumes of transit of gas for EU between Gazprom and Beltransgazom are not issued.

today in 7. 00 Belarus delegation led by the deputy minister of economy Andrey Filonov plans to continue negotiations in Moscow. On party concessions do not go. So, head Gazprom Alexey Miller has informed that offers are directed to our address on debts repayment for deliveries of the Russian gas by materials and the equipment however has not told that such variant suits the company. The head of Ministry for the Power Generating Industry of the Russian Federation Sergey Shmatko also has expressed opinion that the chance of peaceful settlement " is great; but only on a condition Performance of those contract conditions which have been provided . In former years it was possible to president RB Alexander Lukashenko to remove disagreements at the prices for gas, however the question price this year considerably exceeds the size of gas payments.

gas war for $192 million is the tool of pressure of Moscow to Minsk in frameworks of much more scale ($2 mlrd in a year) dispute on taxation of the Russian energy carriers by export duties by their deliveries RB as parts of the Customs union. On June, 1st it was supposed that this question will be settled in frameworks vitse - premerskogo sessions of the commission of the Customs union (KTS) in St.-Petersburg - then informed on June, 18th the parties on presence at vitse - prime ministers corresponding powers . But to a meeting in Petersburg Igor Shuvalov, Umirzaka Shukeeva and Andrey Kobjakova it became known: after a failure of negotiations of Dmitry Medvedev and Alexander Lukashenko on June, 11th (see From June, 18th) a question have decided on KTS not to take out.

on Friday agency the Prime - TASS has informed referring to a source in government RB that Minsk has made to Moscow the new proposal of collection of export duties by Russia on oil and oil products at crossing internal HARDWARE borders. RB suggested to sign the separate intergovernmental agreement to eliminate the conflict of positions bilateral Belarus - the Russian agreement on oil with positions of the documents forming base of the HARDWARE. However the Russian Federation is the offer has rejected, has informed a source in the Belarus government shortly before the beginning of session KTS.

Belarus has from the very beginning declared that is not satisfied by conditions of the agreement and hoped for its revision since July, 1st, 2010 with occurrence of uniform customs territory of the HARDWARE. Offers RB were reduced to use tollingovoj schemes: The Russian Federation delivers the oil for processing to Belarus, and then returns back without payment of export duties on oil or exports oil products with collection of the export duty already on border of the HARDWARE with its proportional distribution. Earlier similar scheme was used because processing of the Russian oil at the Belarus factories was paid by barter - oil. Today processing of the Russian oil at the Belarus factories is paid by money, and the Russian Federation believes that has the right to all volume of export duties at export of these oil products.

the president of Belarus on Friday for the first time has stated a categorical position of Minsk: if the question does not dare, it, Alexander Lukashenko, will not sign ratification TKTS. to promote to the Customs union closely and to sign all documents, it is necessary to cancel all customs duties. I have told: All right, give since January, 1st of the next year we will cancel all duties, and now as a good will step we will remove the customs duties on oil products! - mister Lukashenko " has declared; to Interfax on Friday. - in that case, without waiting on January, 1st, we will sign all documents on the Customs union, which first of all in interests of Russia .

Refusal RB to ratify TKTS will transform the union from association at first customs, and then and economic spaces into three isolated states, formally united by only uniform custom duties - and that with withdrawals. It is obvious that some days of real gas war will transform this work, at least for Belarus, into past vestiges.