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To eat it is connected

In library of a city of Pervouralsk that in Sverdlovsk area, the exhibition of knitted meal

- the Hook and threads at me always with itself has opened, - Anna Bokovets, the librarian of a reading room speaks. - now to us very few people goes, unless only children and pensioners will come magazines to look through, interest to reading at people falls, therefore I knit directly on work. To do - that nothing. Here today has connected egg boiled and berries in assortment.

Anna Mihajlovna only knits I go. In the winter as has executed pelmeshek appetizing so since then cannot stop. Has brought in library the creation, colleagues to admire steels: Let`s an exhibition arrange . But one - two portions of pelmeni you will not expose before people, it was necessary to cover the whole table. Here to you both fried eggs, and sandwiches, both fruit, and vegetables.

townsmen have become interested at once - praised this exposition as any another before. And those who is fond of knitting by a hook, too began to bring the appetizing works . Much, it appears, it is close. Even correspondents of the local newspaper who have arrived to write about an exhibition, have not restrained, have taken away carrot and pelmeni with itself, have elicited .

- But the orange remained, - Anna Mihajlovna with pride shows the collection. - in 1990 - e, I remember, only - only all is bananas, oranges, kivi - began to sell everywhere, without turns... My husband the military man, the navigator of a regiment, at it for Afghanistan, but the salary to it that detained an award of the Red Star, at all did not pay. And houses of three children and the small niece. And everywhere sell oranges, represent?.

why the grocery theme became the basic in Anna Bokovets`s creativity? She cannot answer this question. the meal simply is pleasant to me, - laughs. - that else it is possible to knit, as not it!

it is valid. What to knit, as not that when - that was inaccessible. That it would be desirable to expose on a table as though for ever. Here a water-melon. Here grapes, those, winter, which children when - that asked. It after all is very beautiful - meal. Perfectly well. Better, than florets useless any there.

- we then removed a small house in village, near airdrome, - Anna Mihajlovna remembers. - I worked as the watchman. Held the economy: two cows, polutornik - a bull, the pigs, all bird, calfs, a kitchen garden. Sold nothing, a family to support. Turkeys at us rushed all year long, to it the main thing that the electricity was, light. Here of these eggs did fried eggs in the mornings, children the full went to school. The milk was. Pelmeni moulded all family - and on their frost. Cheese did. I scorching heat bread, have learnt. It left more cheaply, a flour bag will buy - and forward. Yes all so lived then. Worked, and the basic food in families was available. And here these bananas everyones, bought them seldom and only for children, on one feature.

there was also a basic clothes, Anna Mihajlovna, the wife of the officer, those years bought wool dirty, smelly soaps it, combed out, spun a yarn as spun women centuries to it, and knitted warm things. then I kept mind: as though all to dress, as though to feed. Worried: if only the shed has not burnt down, if only cattle have not stolen, and that we will die with hunger... Here that was life, and now it is games .

Now pelmeni in a family of Bokovets do not mould, bread do not bake. And the economy is not present for a long time - live in an apartment house. at us now all is, life full. At me the salary of 5 thousand, the husband - the military pensioner and still works, children have grown. On all us suffices, I even sometimes buy threads, an iris, on 20 roubles for a ball .

But Anna Mihajlovna has just in case kept baking dishes of bread. Whether it is not enough that. The Russian who has worried together with the country difficult years - and it, perhaps, it is possible to tell about the Russian of any generation, - should do a cult of meal. Carrots, a cucumber, eggs, pelmeni, a water-melon, sausage, an apple - all to connect - and in a place of honour. To admire. To admire. To conjure: Be always!