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the Danube approach Ekaterina Istomin about Kempinski Hotel River Park
Grows in Bratislava and ancient Bratislava spreads: so during a socialism epoch the coast of Danube opposite to the Old city (it is area Bratislava V which can be compared to the Dnepropetrovsk area of Kiev with its mass inexpensive housing estate) has been mastered. But also on historical coast of the third pearls of Danube (considerable changes occur the first both the second it is considered to be Vienna and Budapest accordingly) too.

on the coast of Danube, opposite to a charming country house with the American flag, two panel inhabited towers, a lyrical military cemetery, a monument to the Hero of Soviet Union, to general Ljudviku to Freedom, modernist Lutheran church and a tram stop last week the big centre of various appointment River Park has opened. This meeting of moderately futuristic glass cubes with terraces on quay in which premises, hotel, restaurants and shops have taken place. To the historical centre (area Bratislava I) on foot on quay, by tourist barges of the sample of 1914, - 12 minutes. Only 12 minutes, and here you in shop of the Czech crystal.

it is possible to try to involve and a tram: in Bratislava till now on rails old Czechoslovak trams of mark " harmoniously slide; Tatra . For example, a tram 5 goes from the centre to Dubrovki, green area of the lawyer country houses constructed in 1920 - 1930 - h. So the taxi to Dubrovki is not required. It is necessary to notice that today the old culture of travel by trams even in these immemorial tram reserves gradually leaves in the past. And after all we precisely know that till 1936 from Bratislava to Vienna it was possible to reach by a tram! Alas, now many travellers prefer BMW.

In centre River Park the convincing hotel in the newly made glass greatness - Kempinski River Park, on which opening splylas all elite fish of Slovakia is installed also: businessmen, officials, figures of various arts with bright suntanned companions, worthy, judging by their exclusively elegant suits, the Austrian competition of ballroom dances. It is said that in a premiere lobby the president of Slovakia mister Gashparovich has been noticed also. But also without mister Gashparovicha before whom today as we know, there are the uneasy questions connected with a strong attack of unemployment in the east of the country, on a holiday was on whom to look. For example, on the four of courageous acrobats which to the accompaniment of eight of young drummers, 22 minutes in beautiful despair crept top and downwards on glass wall Kempinski River Park.

For a German hotel network this city hotel equipped in the latest fashion - the second experience in Slovakia. The first - absolutely fantastic, is a little in the spirit of blood-sucker Drakuly, hotel - rezort in High Tatra, opened hardly there is more than year back. Meaning good and constant tourist congestion of region, network Kempinski has in the portfolio mentioned rezort in Tatra mountains, hotel in Prague and hotel in Budapest (thus to cut out integral travel costs by means of Kempinski). Now, after presentation River Park, it is possible to consider a Slovak question closed: and business remains only beyond Vienna. In capital of Austria, long time dictating political and fashionable usages to Budapest, Prague and Bratislava, the hotel under control of Kempinski will be opened next year.

Certainly, all hotels where the conductor is Kempinski, bear the impress accurate German of style. The first element of style are spacious premises. In this case it is a question of a lobby, a bar and ground floor restaurants, and also about a conference - halls.

it is touching (if to consider that till 1918 Slovakia was a part of Avstro - Hungary) looks the gilt tablets attached to columns and specifying a way to those or other halls Kempinski Hotel River Park. On tablets it is possible to read the following from top to down: Ferdinand, Maria - Terezija, Habsburgs, Toilets . First three words - conference names - halls in which because of their cardinal capacity it is possible to show East express train in the full train. The health centre in which huge pool on a premier party have started flight of elastic national swimmers is not less spacious also.

the second important point: immemorial attempt Kempinski to grow up new otelnuju luxury proceeding from interests of comfort of the XXI-st century. This high tech the comfort has already overcome short panties of minimalism and extreme dizajnerstva, but yet has not reached total zolotoglavogo greatness of old grandees.

the Hotel includes 231 room and suites among which the special impression makes presidential number. These are the most up-to-date, multiroom mansion with the intricate lay-out, issued by means of onyx, a tree, marble and group of fluffy carpets. The lay-out riddle is connected by that from any point of this apartment it is possible to see how the waves Danube stately rolls. Waves all time before you even if you submissively sit in a presidential toilet from red onyx - for 15 thousand a day. We have been, of course, excited by this exorbitant price which as - that does not match with traditional ekonomnostju slav brothers. But director Kempinski Hotel River Park mister Konstanin Tsejke, the native of East Germany, has been adjusted extremely rigidly: Presidential apartments - for especially men of means and for especial cases when the economy cannot be recognised by correct . In a word, president Gashparovich is at all their lodger, he still should feed the country.

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