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How much pound of the sucker

the Encyclopedia of the sucker to Xenia Sobchak it is written with dislike for people, but to it you will not refuse observation: even the rich person in Russia neuveren also depends on another`s opinion

the Kaleidoscope of suckers is made with the big carefulness: here everyone at desire can learn itself(himself). The sucker sweet, the sucker positive, the sucker of honour, the sucker - the agent of national security, the sucker - the thinker. All of us suckers, in a word. Sobchak possesses talent as - that razdrazhit everything, to incite against itself; besides that it and so some hate, basically, it also strikes a heat, strengthening this hatred. In it is, certainly, any personal psychological problem, but speech not about it; aggression covers that valuable that at Sobchak is. The main advantage of the author that it is independent. Our intellectual environment because is extremely boring and infertile that in it the culture of polemic and criticism, collision of ideas, not to mention culture of intellectual provocation has not got accustomed. Sobchak it is valuable that the example of such freedom sets: she is not afraid to polemize though with whom and the self-irony too suffices it. Therefore I urge the reader not to neglect such author - not to run off, as from leprous, and to concern it especially rationally.

on the basic question of the book Who not the sucker, if all suckers? - Sobchak answers so: the Person, immune to batsille lohovstva, gads on life up and down as to it will climb up in a head. If who lives in narrow frameworks it is possible - it is impossible so it just the protagonist of our book - its majesty the sucker . If to ponder, Sobchak lifts very important psychological problem: consciousness and self-identification of the Russian society. But to begin here followed from consideration of the concept the sucker (a hole in translation from German) - one of the most popular in our daily speech. It if and aloud do not say, precisely hold in mind, as the capacious, universal term - both rich, and poor, both intelligency, and the power. It has synonyms - ignorant, stupid, zashorennyj, near, wild, zashugannyj, backward, not free, at last, but the sucker unlike synonyms, has strongly pronounced aggressive colouring. With this word at us mark everyone for whom feed inexplicable hatred or contempt, but cannot explain them rationally.

however the statement of a question Who such is the sucker? Sobchak has opened one heavy Russian wound. Still Dostoevsky in the Diary of the writer notices that Russian are simultaneously anxious by two opposite cares: That others will think of them and obvious demonstration of that it on opinion of others to spit. Popularity of a word the sucker which is used not so much for an attack, how many for self-defence, caused by painful attention to opinion of others. if in you is not present drops lohovstva, at you it would not be simple free time on reading of my book - notices Sobchak. That is, not to be the sucker, it is necessary not to think simply in these categories - here one of the main theses of the book. And on exile of this demon - constant doubt in the correctness - it also is calculated.

as to clothes and accessories, furniture, cars and houses (that suckers in hope get to hide the lohovstvo, according to Sobchak), here, basically, all the same. The sucker - the one who is afraid to be itself. In this sense of girlfriend Sobchak, the proprietress of boutiques and redaktorshi the luster, acting in a role of teachers of good taste, at whom they laugh look not less ridiculously, than. So much to give attention to clothes as they, - just the same sign lohovstva, speaking language of Sobchak, as well as expensive woollen jacket in the open air. Basically, conversation on how it is bad at all of us put on, is after all too about internal freedom. Even if you put on expensively, fashionably, correctly all the same you will not become the dandy: to put on well, it is necessary still to be able to break these rules including own rules, - here that tries to inspire Sobchak. That we among elite do not have dandy, - the certificate of that internal changes in consciousness of elite and have not occurred.

sense of expensive things in making the life similar to what it is not - writes further Sobchak. Like it about things, but actually all is deeper: It about that purchase of expensive things in 1990 - e and have today absolutely different motivation. In 1990 - e years all hoped to become Europeans and bought expensive things in hope to become a part the civilised world . That is in that purchase there was a superidea, hope, dream. And now it was found out that Europeans from us it has not turned out, and today we aspire to hide expensive purchases this trauma from ourselves and others - our insult that from us and it has not turned out anything qualitatively another. Sobchak describes a scene at fashionable expensive restaurant: while masters of the Italian delicatessen prepare manually delightful ravioli, langustinov and squids, visitors in a hall dance medljak under a song Vladimir tsentral .

It also grieves the author - that conditions have exchanged, and people remained the same. Arcady Novikov starts to do the new project, and over the untwisted places from everywhere starts to crawl, bubbling and champing, a shapeless biomass . If not to pay attention to usual misanthropic intonation, speech here about what. The victualer offers today not new dishes or an interior, and new idea of a place, wishing to make visitors others finally; and people run in a fashionable place and transform it into a habitual bog. Poor quality of public kills any attempt of creativity. Public constantly demands novelty, but thus another itself does not want to become.

or here its one more supervision: propensity of elite to use in conversations diminutive suffixes - gostishka, a cafe; this certificate of that to the sucker uncomfortably is in the huge and hostile Universe, therefore the sucker starts to make advances to them ; the true remark, but not finished thinking: after all thus the person tries to cultivate the world hostile to it, to tame, make the. the sucker feeds passion to fashionable technologies: they help to kill free time ; truly, but again nedodumano! After all propensity to gadgets is a new illusion of rescue, belief that the technics in itself is capable to make you the perfect person. at the sucker for what you will miss - all sacred. Especially the native land and children . These are already final chords of the book - about themes which are for the sucker tabuirovannymi. Except other, the book of Sobchak - a live reproach to intellectual elite: in it philologists, sociologists, philosophers actually should be engaged - to throw in a society bright, provocative ideas, to analyze a life, daily occurrence, cutting from them sense particles. But where these researches, where serious and popular books on this theme? They are not present. A continuous hole.