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Luzhkov has called opposition for dialogue

At Moscow City Council the advisory council of parties is created. Into its structure have entered on two representatives from the parties registered in Ministry of Justice, including done not pass in Moscow City Council.
all such parties seven - an United Russia the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, LDPR, Patriots of Russia the Apple Fair Russia the Just cause and in capital parliament of the fifth convocation on elections of 2009 there have passed only two parties - United Russia party members and communists. Council which is formed at Moscow City Council for a term of appointment of deputies of the next convocation, carries function of an advisory body and urged to consider opinions of these parties in the conditions of two-party parliament. The primary goals of council is preparation of the conclusions under projects of the legal certificates brought in the Duma, and also under offers arriving in the Duma on legislation perfection. I want to call oppositional structures, including not presented in Moscow City Council, for teamwork - the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov has told on June, 24th, addressing to deputies MGD. As he said, the main task consists in that this work has not turned to the unreasonable criticism. He also has noticed that regrets that in Moscow City Council it is presented only two parties . I consider that oppositions should be more - quotes mister Luzhkov of RIA News .