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The responsibility layer

Prime minister Vladimir Putin has met yesterday widows of victims on Raspadsky miners. According to the special correspondent Andrey KOLESNIKOV, the governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev has told it at a meeting as their husbands smoked in mine and narkomanili .
Widows was a little, ten or twelve. There has not arrived yet the prime minister, they sat silently, to tell each other for a long time there was nothing, and, it seemed to me, there was almost nothing to tell to the prime minister, because all answers they and so knew.

minutes for five before Vladimir Putin`s arrival by it tea, but any of them in an hour of conversation have brought and has not touched a cup.

the prime minister has told that failure has not ended till now that there is a fire that rescuers work manually, and in the face of at once several women had tears. Till now bodies of 23 miners are not found, and till now women wait that their husbands will get therefrom.

- We cannot risk lives of other people, - the prime minister spoke, - it is necessary to extinguish a fire, many experts consider that the mine can and should be restored...

Olga Kabanova has asked to specify, whence there is money to families of victims, and that here with it till now the present mess...

- yes is not present! - the governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev has shrugged shoulders. - any mess! She is one woman does not remember... Has received one million roubles from the federal budget, then from the proprietor, and has then thought that it from the budget to it have given one million more... And the agiotage has begun! And these... - it has given up as a bad job towards the women sitting at a table, paternal one of them, I saw, have simply turned pale, - do not know, what, except the proprietor, the budget owes to them on one million?.

Mister Putin has started to explain that the federal budget and really pays on one million, proprietors as much pay, the regional budget incurs delivery of apartments, repayment of credits, rest of children...

- such payments were not in the history of Kuzbas and Russia! - its Aman Tuleyev has interrupted. - different people! Some understand it, some do not understand...

- whatever were, they should pay, - the prime minister has said the correct offer.

Aman Tuleyev was not what to object. But then all - taki was:

- the Main emphasis we do anyway on children!

it is possible, it seemed to it that on it too there is nothing to object.

Ekaterina Ogorodnikova has told that payments after this failure and really big, but are other failures in which perish one - two miners - and in it pennies in comparison with this money pay simply.

the Prime minister has told that the government has made the amendment which has taken place the first reading in the State Duma, though and with problems because there were attempts to postpone its acceptance to the law: proprietors should bear responsibility for safety of mines and compensate in case of failure enough great sums to families of victims. It is their insurance.

- but there were already attempts this amendment not to accept, - the prime minister after some fluctuation has added.

by data it was a question about lobbist attempts of proprietors of some mines to block the amendment: the sums and really appear the considerable.

Elena Maltsev very loudly as if could not dare in any way and encouraged itself, has asked what to do with the director of lycee Vladimirovym who demands one and a half thousand roubles for the diploma of each graduate and guarantees that the lyceum student without money of the diploma will not receive.

- we of Vladimirs does not submit to any laws! - In despair Elena Maltsev has exclaimed.

- we Will work, - the prime minister has sighed.

- and on shabby habitation... - Elena Maltsev has carefully added.

- there is a building! - its Aman Tuleyev has interrupted. - all whom have not settled, are happy, those who is not present, - are dissatisfied! In 2002 you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, have given the task, one billion roubles was all over the country on this business! And now I have allocated only for the Kemerovo region for a year of three billion!

Elena Maltsev has inattentively looked at it.

- Have moved strongly, - Aman Tuleyev has repeated, - but they would like to solve in one day!

- I understand these people, - the prime minister has told.

- it is possible, I not about money? - Elena Lagunova has asked. - Our pain will be before last lamentation! But there are not widows and not wives... 23 miners were missing. Allow widows to bury husbands!

- There all work, - the prime minister, - but in the same place has said a fire. Cannot extinguish a fire. Clearly that, if there is a fire, hopes minimum... But we will hope up to the end for a miracle.

he, probably, did not mean that a miracle if them will find live. He, probably, wanted to tell that a miracle if them in general will find.

the prime minister has added that the monthly salary is paid to families of missing persons.

- as soon as necessary formalities will be made, they will receive money, - Vladimir Putin has told.

but it was visible that some women behind a table and do not want, to death do not want, that these formalities have been made, because it will mean that their husbands were lost. For now there are no formalities - it is possible to hope for a miracle, and not on what was meant by the prime minister - that their bodies will find, and on the Miracle - that they are live.

- These families, as far as I know, - were added also by Vladimir Putin, - and do not want while to receive this money, these millions.

during this moment one woman, on the very brink of a table, at a window cried only. Millions were not necessary to it. She wanted to return till now the husband.

- character of works which now go, - them it was possible on - to another absolutely to make! - Aman Tuleyev has entered. - we conduct to the sixth - to the seventh layer though for mine restoration it would be possible to go on - to another... Four kilometres should be passed! And they (miners. - And. K ) as Chineses, one after another with boards go and go and bear, I apologise, on a hump... Yes you understand, we all in one boat - both you, and I, and... - Aman Tuleyev has had a look at the prime minister and has stopped short.

all - taki they in different boats, as though would be desirable Aman Tuleyev other.

Olga Kabanova has asked Vladimir Putin:

- I understand all, but I cannot find the answer to one question... I all think and I do not understand... Till now I will not solve...

- what question? - Its prime minister has asked again.

- why it has occurred? - She has silently asked.

they never will find the answer to this question and will always search for it.

- I too cannot while, - the prime minister has answered. - and independent experts cannot tell yet. I asked: why rescuers in general there have gone?! But it was the only thing that they should do: to go and measure... Gauges after all any more did not work...

- they have gone to rescue, instead of to measure!. - Elena Maltsev, the widow of the rescuer has shouted. - 19 persons have gone to rescue, instead of to measure!

- so to rescue, it is necessary to measure at first, you understand, Elena? - Aman Tuleyev has told to it.

- and on January, 23rd on mine Raspadsky there was an explosion. Why have corrected nothing? Have not drawn conclusions?

- the Investigatory brigade works, - the prime minister has told, - some consider, what even is too zealous, do not allow to work... I have told that it is necessary to work quickly...

- yes other mines do not stand a finger of this! - Aman Tuleyev has exclaimed. - the best - can, even in the world!

- simply volume of extraction on it has increased, and though expenses for safety have increased in nine times, it it has appeared insufficiently, - the prime minister has told.

- and them put, this money? - Elena Maltsev has asked again.

- yes, - the prime minister has confirmed, having incurred during this moment, apparently, another`s responsibility. - but the extraction volume all increased and increased...

- and anything, what all explosions occur in the spring? - Elena Maltsev has again asked. - it is impossible to toughen control for this time?

- and you know, what lighters, cigarettes, have found matches at everyone whom have got?! - Mister Tuleyev has shouted. - I have told, that all have shut up about it!

- so toughen and behind it control! - one woman has shouted.

- yes it is impossible! - mister Tuleyev has shouted to it.

- my husband did not drink and did not smoke! - Elena Maltsev has told.

- and one more narkomanil, - the governor as though even vindictively has added. - to it speak: Stop! And he speaks: I have gone! - also has gone!

- only people in labour collectives can put things in order, - the prime minister has said one more correct offer.

women have become silent. They had nothing to tell on it. They could not neither confirm, nor deny. Them have struck under dyh, and they not in a condition were to hold this blow. They could not hold in general any blow. It it was simple painfully.

- the relation to miners such, - at last was said by Elena Ogorodnikova. - the Relation to miners any! Earlier the miner was equated to the cosmonaut, and now - cattle, drunks... And if the mine management has finished them to such condition?!! Appreciate those who does to you millions!

- also it is impossible so to speak about all miners... - Elena Laskutova has added.

- It is excluded! - Aman Tuleyev has exclaimed. - we in general forbid to speak about it! I only here, in a narrow circle!. But I should tell! I worry!.

Ljubov Abbasova has told that into accounts of its children have already arrived on 900 thousand roubles, but it cannot take therefrom copecks - neither on furniture, nor on garage for the son: he loves cars.

- well how many it is necessary for you?! - Its Aman Tuleyev has asked again. - tell, how many?

- It is necessary, that I could draw out money from their account...

is hardly under the law probably, - has shaken a head of premieres.

- tell, how many?! Well - give, fix! - mister Tuleyev insisted. - Also write to me, I will solve today!

the Woman was silent, the others, exchanging glances with each other, knowingly smiled and on the sly swung heads. For them Ljubov Abbasova was already the beggar.

- but all requirements it is impossible to execute, - Aman Tuleyev has added suddenly. - and that we give apartment, and they speak: and the mother-in-law too... And the public prosecutor speaks: well the mother-in-law cannot receive!. And in general to me it is a little bit insulting: it is made so many that, mum expensive, nobody did to us! Nobody did for us! Already intrafamily dismantlings have begun!

- well also it is necessary to do! Yes we live - the same in the XXI-st century! - Ekaterina Ogorodnikova has told. - Instead of in XV!

- Here and I wanted to tell it... - the prime minister has spoken.

actually to women behind a table, on - to mine so it not seemed.