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Hundred percent of time me will not suffice

the Presidential commission on modernisation and technological development of economy of Russia has generated a fund board of guardians Skolkovo and it board - fund council into which 14 heads of the largest companies of the world have entered. The co-chairman of council and the president of fund Skolkovo Victor VEKSELBERG has told as fund will create the innovative centre still before on Skolkovsky highway there will be a first building an innovative city .
- How many the working hours you now spend for the project Skolkovo ?

- Now percent 70, and I will spend 200 %. Because hundred percent of time me will obviously not suffice, especially at an initial stage.

- that is your leaving from the multinational corporation - BP is connected with Skolkovo ?

- Including, more precisely, first of all with Skolkovo . I love the multinational corporation project, this my last child, there much that is made and more many that it is necessary to make, but to combine it it is impossible. It is clear that I will remain the councillor of directors, but to take of an operational position - was not present, does not leave any more.

- working bodies of fund consist basically of very large businessmen. You believe, at them motivations will spend also for the project great volumes of time?

- In - the first, each of them has already received homework as a result of our discussions and meetings. It can be realised two resources are resources of own intelligence and resources of those companies which they represent. At these people huge possibilities not physically to waste time, and on using the knowledge base, saved up in their companies that kristallizovat that is necessary for us for the project - especially at its initial stage, to give us recommendations and offers which will allow not to repeat errors already becoming in such projects. And can be, such council will allow us where - that to advance time

If to speak about Krejge Barret, the co-chairman of council - it, probably, will resort too to the possibilities in Intel though there it any more does not work. In general Krejg has very responsibly concerned to that became the co-chairman of the project in Skolkovo. I think that it will spend a minimum of 30-40 % of working hours for this project.

- as in general there was an attraction of people in the project how it was possible to type such star structure of council of fund?

- the Question in how you present the project. If to speak particularly about mister Barret it is Presidential Administration contact, in particular the assistant to president Arcady Dvorkovicha. In general until, when I have personally appeared in the project, very big work has already been done - when me nominated for this position, I knew that I come not on an empty place. So, names of some candidates for council were already discussed, contacts have started to be studied. It was joint teamwork in which actively participated Vladislav Surkov, its colleagues on Presidential Administration, representatives of the government. I have called in Marten Buiga`s project from Bouygues and Ratana Tatu from Indian Tata Son, all of us together worked over the invitation in the project of heads Siemens of Petera Leshera and Cisco John Chembersa, head Google Eric Schmidt, the former prime minister of Finland Esko Aho representing in council Nokia. It is impossible as - that to divide supposedly here this has made it, and I - here that

Coming back to formation of a board of guardians and fund council is an important decision. The president at commission session has already made the reservation: I feel as at meeting of shareholders - it is possible to make decisions routinely, but time so is written the fund charter Skolkovo time the coordination of candidates for working bodies of fund is within the competence of the commission, we should operate on procedure. As a result council has appeared very strong, including from the Russian side. Important that head has entered into it Rosnano Anatoly Chubays as whom I consider as one of forefathers all innovative theme. It already very many has made, its contacts very much help us.

It was possible to include in structure of council of fund of representatives of real business which are especially important in it in a context of priorities of the fund connected with power efficiency. It and Vladimir Rashevsky from SUEK, and the head of LUKOIL Vahid Alakbarov - people who already are engaged today in serious investment in innovative projects. It and the rector of MGTU of a name of Bauman Anatoly Aleksandrov - certainly, is necessary presence of one of the leading base universities working in this direction. It and Sergey Galitsky - the person who within the limits of the business has already made many things which will be precisely demanded in the general project. Before it I take off a hat: its knowledge of how it is possible to organise gathering of intellectuals, than it is possible to interest in the homeland of the left scientists, its intuition on a theme of that is important today in market IT - technologies, are invaluable. At last, it and the head of Kurchatovsky institute Michael Kovalchuk - the person, which on an edge of all interesting decisions.

- work of the presidential commission on Saturday was not settled only by questions Skolkovo . What there it was still discussed?

- the Commission has been devoted the international and external economic aspects of modernisation. Actually for the first time it is given to try to synthesise the commission our efforts and efforts of such authorities, as Ministry of Economics and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All really start to understand that if we want to advance ourselves on foreign markets consolidation of all forces is necessary. Not separate business which can go and ask the ambassador and the ambassador in other country can or condescend it before to assist, or to tell: I the diplomat, it do not enter into my powers . Here there is a revolution from a head on feet: We know - occur something outside of the USA to any American company, the first who will react to it, the ambassador: he considers as the professional duty to protect interests of business, and it is not important, it is the state company or private, the main thing is the American company. Earlier at us at the best assistance appeared only to the state companies, now priorities at last - that begin to change, such division already is not present are the Russian companies, means, they under protection and with support of the Russian state.

the series of measures which are provided by the head of Ministry of Economics Elvira Nabiullina, is really integrated series of measures where accurate enough distribution of priorities is co-ordinated to financial questions. It is good work - a question, as always, that between papers and life there was any real communication. But already that themes are correctly analysed and accents are correctly placed, there is a hope that something from this necessarily will turn out.

- for Skolkovo the taken place session of the commission means that the fund de - fakto is created, registered also work passes from paper stages in the new?

- the Fund is registered, differently we could not conduct formal procedures on formation of two councils. But paper I would carry to a category also a number of aspects which too rose at session of the commission and with which all is not finished yet. And first of all it is the questions connected with advancement through the State Duma of a package of bills of activity of fund.

- usually presidential projects in the State Duma it is not accepted to correct

- We really would like (and we make efforts in this respect) real discussion in the State Duma of this law and in general is maximum an extensive discussion in a society. The people writing bills, not gods, and in the law many absolute innovations - it is not necessary to put it abreast traditional laws, it is important to us to receive any return reaction of legislators as one of interested audiences. To us reaction of all audiences which as a result too will be participants of process and, probably is important, already now see what does not see we. To the second reading of the law in the State Duma it is necessary to try to consider their remarks.

Besides, it is important, that at the law there were the elements describing activity of fund, will tell so, in a transition period . It is clear that when - that there there will be buildings and the constructions, really working design companies, but on it certain time, and rather big - three - four - is required five years. But we already have a term virtual space of activity and it can already exist today. It is completely not obligatory, that projects which will be realised in frameworks Skolkovo physically sat already now in this territory. They can start to lead the life already now - not simply can, should. We do not have time for postponing till the moment of end of building these projects, we will simply waste time, and it already will be other history.

- that is as object inograd will appear as a result of project realisation, instead of as a preliminary condition?

- it is unconditional. The virtual environment in which projects start to live, should be under construction at once. As one of elements it is necessary to create now already university which we name obrazovatelno - the research centre. It is not important that while there are no buildings - we will do it on platforms of other universities. At once we will start to build faculties which will form further a basis of the future university. Within the limits of visit of the president to the USA, I hope, the agreement between our fund and MIT will be signed, till the end of the year we formalize our understanding of how with it we will co-operate. When buildings will be constructed, faculties there will simply physically move.

it it is necessary to do all within the limits of the general legislative base, and our problem - accurately to describe in the law as it can occur in a transition period.

- that assumes the agreement with MIT?

- Participation MIT in construction and creation obrazovatelno - the research centre. But we assume that it will be not bilateral, but the multilateral agreement - there necessarily there will be also our universities on which platforms we and plan to create faculties. MIT, by the way, will not be the unique western partner - university. In particular, we have already begun negotiations with the Edinburgh university - this other specialisation, us basically biomedical technologies there interest. Anyway we will precisely not wait for building end.

- whether the question on financing of a current stage of the project " is solved; Skolkovo ?

- Any financing will be - from anything it turns out nothing. I think that for 2010 the figure will be an order 3-4   mlrd - we speak, certainly, about roubles. And that will be with money next year, the theme is opened, substantially it will depend on we will develop what plan, as we will manage to protect it, what rates we want to develop. It is a question opened. But the next year any especially big money it is not necessary. Money is necessary on three things. On formation of the organisation: the office is necessary, it is necessary to employ people, that is these are administrative expenses. The second - it is necessary to realise a number of the stages connected with development of territory. In the near future we declare competition on working out of the architectural concept, we will employ advisers and we will finish formation sew business - models, preparation the master - the plan. And the third - money is necessary on participation of fund in realisation of concrete innovative projects. Till the today`s moment this problem was solved by Presidential Administration which selected projects, allocated with their grants, but now this function should pass to fund. Within the limits of those means which will be allocated from the budget, we will continue also this activity.

from next year the building phase - first of all infrastructures will begin also, and it should be as soon as possible carried out. The second in 2011 - faculties as future elements obrazovatelno - the research centre. At last, there will be also an activity continuation appreciably - innovative: We want to create business - an incubator, we will start to finance (probably, in the form of grants) startups.

- and the fund immediately becomes the competitor and Rosnano and the Russian venture company, and technoparks which all are focused on the same startups?

- Well, with Anatoly Chubajsom, maybe, to a lesser degree: Rosnano carries out large industrial projects, we will not consider the civil-engineering design of factories or the organisation of manufactures is not ours. These are not crossed things, one another only supplements.

concerning a competition - the certain part of negatively adjusted audience, of course, perceives Skolkovo as potential competitor. But it is vain. Here all speak: and what for we do Skolkovo there is in Novosibirsk an Academgorodok, let`s there all do, eat Dubna, there is Zelenograd, there there are technoparks. We, on the contrary, want, that it was combined: Skolkovo is in any measure an innovative hub which urged to organise the interface both with an external world of innovations, and with the internal. We do not put a problem to drag Academgorodok to ourselves - even it one here, in Skolkovo, will not be located, it is senseless to us to compete to them. As a matter of fact, our most important problem - to fulfil many decisions as the pilot project that them further to apply outside of Skolkovo . After all such projects, as Skolkovo in Russia there should be, probably, a ten, and even two.

- the fund believes, what even in an experimental stage it will be possible to employ over the project of the Russian scientists, ready to come back from the western universities?

- On the one hand if roughly, the world shares on those who can go to us, and those who all the same never to us will go because it is necessary to them on To Silicon Valley to go in shorts. Really mobile layer is insignificant - actually we wait for the Russian intellectual feed more likely. But the main thing, those who has left, have already grown in the competitive environment and differently of itself do not think. They out of competition will die. Here we yet have not reached it. All of us time want any exclusives, preferences, privileges. Here other logic: you should all prove that all the same you the best and if there is nobody to prove - everything, is lost meaning. If we change philosophy of environment, then we in Skolkovo we will be successful. If we, on the contrary, build hothouse conditions - you be not afraid, nobody touches you, we will give money, you in innovations be engaged is a deadlock, and this project will die.

- nevertheless that is offered to all participants of the project, than they will be motivirovany?

- We should to try create environment with critical weight of the intellectual capital which can reproduce itself and generate innovative decisions which should be commercialised and enter further the market - either in the form of the company, or in the form of patents, or in the form of contracts. If we adjust such continuous process of manufacture of innovations, we can consider that at us experiment has turned out. As a joke - it would be healthy through 10-12 to proclaim years the slogan Skolkovo : In a year on Google .

Critical weight - a key thing. All new will arise on a joint of branches, specialities, thinking. Today innovations is not separately taken chemist, the biologist or the mathematician, revolutionary character is carried by opening on a joint of disciplines, interdistsiplinarnost is the future. For this purpose overAbout to create environment and to place all of them together: they should and have breakfast together, together go to school to take away children, along the street to walk, and to sports hall to come, both in restaurant and on the themes to speak. Also it is necessary, that the venture capitalist nearby sat and got, tracked down that occurs, and it should not go for 10   thousand kilometres to meet one of them.

- While it is the remote prospect, and even virtual " environment; can be created not earlier than several years

- I Think, the first serious sprouts will precisely not earlier than ten years. But - at us it is a lot of now people who are in the process middle between innovative idea and innovative business. Already is both good ideas, and quite good products. But there are no abilities and knowledge - even the companies are, but they do not know how to grow. Our problem, probably, and to it to help too - to find the venture capital, to leave on foreign markets, to take place. All the same all rests against money - it is necessary to learn to do a product which is claimed, and to connect it to a source of financial resources.

in general, in the project there is not enough idealism. Venture capitalists are absolutely normal such sharks of business. They do not ask, whether we love the native land, they speak: well, love, and now show that we can buy from you. All these stories about unconditional love to Russia we will postpone while aside. If we show them something interesting and perspective, there will be a success. We will not show - as though we were painted in colours of our Native land, no support of the state precisely will help us.