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Clinton struggles for new ethical standards

New interdictions will concern the menu and gifts

According to Americans, the president of the country defines the person of Washington. During the period
(Ronald Reagan) streets of Washington
were full of stay in Ronald Reagan`s White house loafing young men and the ladies who have been wrapped up in furs. George
Bush (George Bush) has brought with itself all attributes of the Texas glamour - narrow
ties, cowboy`s boots, truth as speak, parties have ceased to be
such noisy. Now in the White house the new owner, and as already joke in
Washington, there come boring enough times. As representative Hillari Clinton has declared yesterday official
, the White house to turn now in a zone for
non-smoking and in general usages will change.

the Legislator of a new Washington fashion there is a first lady of America to Hillari
Clinton. As she said, at dinner in the White house henceforth will submit is more often
cabbage brokolli, and it is necessary to forget about hamburgers so favourite before by the husband.
as it is known, the former governor of Arkansas liked to drop in in McDonald ` s where
them submit. Except that Hillari, appointed the husband on a post main
the co-ordinator of the national program on public health services, does not forget and about
Bill. Following the lead of one of the predecessors of the spouse of Carter
Rozalinn (Rosalynn), she has forbidden it and all living in the White House
to take alcoholic drinks and to smoke.
with entrance of a new couple of owners to the White house the new wave of struggle for
strengthening of ethical standards has begun. Their infringement by legislators and members
administrations of a different rank became recently the talk of the town
the American press. Many previous presidents have been compelled on
to react to the critic, and Clinton did not become in this plan an exception. According to
to the new rules published by it for employees of White House administration, and at the same time and
all federal departments, they are forbidden now to accept gifts - in that
number in the form of products and drinks - more than on $20 a year from any
the private person and more than on $50 from the organisation. The Washington journalists
are afraid that the interdiction can put an end so favourite by them joint
to dinners with representatives of the power, the entrance ticket where cost not less than $100.