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the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia has visited for the first time Baltic

At the president of Russia the Commission on securities and stock exchanges
United is created is settlement - the clearing house opens accounts to banks of Georgia
joint-stock company “ Hermes - the Planet “ begins issue of new updating of urgent contracts “ Hermes - Oil “
One of the largest partners of Russia - trading firm Marc Rich + Ρo AG - declared important personnel shifts
the Russian investors had an opportunity to take shares “ ZIL “ in all largest cities of the country
the International financial corporation has organised check auction in Nizhni Novgorod
Libraries of Russia will be automated

by Ezhednevki:
Congress: opposition of the authorities has amplified 9
Court over the murderer of the employee of a state security: The eyewitness of murder has given evidences 15

Parliamentary debates in Russia for the first time have sharply affected a condition of world stock market 9
Delegation Trading - industrial chamber of Russia has entered into agreements on an information exchange with the western partners 4
! Joint-stock company “ Rosshelf “ has obtained the licence for working out Shtokmanovsky gazokondensatnogo deposits 4
For the Russian participants the Leipzig fair has ended successfully 4
the Decision on stock exchange section “ Hermes “ it is postponed for a week 4
the Moscow oil stock exchange has offered privileges to the most active broker offices 4
to the POWER
“ the Round table “ In the mayoralty of Moscow 9
the Government of Moscow privatises bakeries and bakeries as a uniform property complex 10
President Clinton has supported radical reduction of the military budget of the USA 10
the exhibition in Italy 5
corporation Business " Has ended; Ekoramburs “: hearing in commercial court of Havre is transferred 15
the Snow snow-storm has caused the big economic damage of the USA, Mexico and Cuba 15
! Conferences on land tenure problems in the Moscow region 10
are summed up! In gallery “ M ` ARS “ the exhibition of painting of Yury Mironov 11
In the House of the artist has opened there has begun work an exhibition of painting of Arcady Petrov 11
! Opening of the British royal fund 11
In the Movie centre there has passed presentation of festival of German of cinema 11
In St.-Petersburg has finished the work jazz festival “ Open music - 93 “ 12
Days of culture of Ireland 12
Have come to the end! Patriarch of All Russia Alex II has served celebratory liturgies in cathedrals of the Kremlin and Kolomna 12
For the first time in Russia has passed the championship on professional boxing 13
Investigation of explosion of the car in Tushine: examination has defined type of an explosive 14
to the Foreign trade associations have refused the claim to the State Property Committee of Russia 14
Group of inventors has decided to protect the copyrights in court 15
Investigation of  destruction of show - businessmen: a consequence on murder of the director of musical programs “ Ostankino “ has received results of a medicolegal investigation 15
For capture of murderer Alexander Shishinina compensation 15
is appointed! The head of firm SAVVA R. E. Has returned from Canada: the agreement with national association of realtors 4
In Petersburg is signed are summed up competition on sale of the municipal enterprises 5
the joint venture “ BEMO “ Declared the tender among investors on building ofisno - a hotel three-stars complex in Moscow 5
! The international consulting firm A. T. Kearney starts contract performance on working out and introduction new organizational - administrative structure ON “ Orgsintez “ 5