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Newsmaker`s diary

a little known businessmen have extended the reference to Councils of businessmen. The president of the International exchange union Konstantin Zatulin, the chairman of the Union of businessmen of the Arkhangelsk region Vladimir Lyapin and the president of concern Hermes Valery Neverov, anxious by activization in Russia antidemocratic and antimarket forces, suggest to call 16 - on April, 17th in Moscow the All-Russia meeting of representatives of Councils on business. The meeting purpose, it is told in this reference, there is an acceptance of the program of measures on stabilisation of a political and economic situation (is more detailed about the reference it will be told in tomorrow`s number).

Vitse - prime minister Boris Fedorov was on a way from Hong Kong to Moscow where took part in an advisory meeting of authorised representatives of country leaders the big seven . At a meeting questions of preparation for an extraordinary session of heads of the leading countries of the West on rendering of the economic help of Russia were discussed.

In 10. 00 Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia Andrey Kozyrev has gone to tour on northern countries of Europe. On the way to the first point of the tour - Helsinki - Kozyrev has visited the city of Baltiysk (Kaliningrad region) and has led discussion there with officers of the Baltic squadron. In 14. 00 Kozyrev has gone to Vilnius (a material about they be p. 2), and in 19. 30 has taken off for Finland. Tomorrow will continue illumination of tour of the Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs.

the mayor of St.-Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak who has come back the day before from Germany, has held meeting with assistants in the morning. After that it has given interview to the Dutch television, having told about the purposes assumed (from March, 21 till March, 24th) visit to the Netherlands. Anatoly Sobchak has met also representatives of the government and business circles of the earth Baden - Wurtemberg (Germany).

the Mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov has spent some working meetings with members of the city government and employees of the device of the mayoralty. Problems of building of Disnejlenda in area Bottom Mnevniki were discussed, in particular.

the President of the Chelyabinsk universal stock exchange Edward Tenjakov on taken place yesterday in Chelyabinsk the press - conferences has declared that hearings about excitation against it new criminal case are not unreasonable. Edward Tenjakov has been arrested during putsch, and now he achieves, that its its indications have been considered by a legal investigation on GKCHP. Tenjakov considers that law enforcement bodies can bring against its new criminal case not to admit publicity admitted then remedial infringements.

the chairman of board of directors of versatile concern Hermes Valery Neverov and president Tjumensko - the Moscow stock exchange Hermes Vladimir Moryzhenkov were present on exchange council Tjumensko - the Moscow stock exchange. A material - on p. 4.

the Minister of Defence of Russia Pavel Grachev has met the commander-in-chief NATO armed forces in Atlantic an admiral the Floor Miller (Paul Miller). The minister has acquainted an admiral with a course of reforms in Russian armies. Under the informal data, in conversation some questions of military navigation have been mentioned. Today an admiral meets commander-in-chief OVS the CIS the marshal of aircraft Evgenie Shaposhnikovym.

Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alex II in day of celebrating of the Majestic icon of Bozhiej of Mother has served a liturgy of Prezhdeosvjashchennyh of gifts in the Kazan cathedral in Kolomna (p. 12 see).