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That have solved

the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin has signed yesterday decrees About the import tariff and About creation of the Russian corporation of reconstruction and development . The detailed comment read in tomorrow`s number.

According to the government directive it is provided to allocate in I quarter of current year from reserve fund of Ministerial council of Russia of 219 million roubles for an information work of the Russian news agency News .

In official mailing the order of the first deputy of the prime minister of the government of Moscow Boris Nikolsky has arrived. According to the document the capital enterprises of retail and wholesale trade in book editions have acquired the right independently to establish the sizes of trading extra charges at formation of free (market) retail prices for book production realised by them. Action of the given order does not extend on school textbooks, manuals and the children`s literature. In the document also it is established that all book production which has arrived in a trading network of a city till the moment of its introduction into force (on March, 12th, 1993) should be realised at the prices operating before.

yesterday the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia has acted with an official statement that members of the special incorporated investigation team working in a zone osetino - the Ingush conflict, for maintenance of the work and a personal security will use henceforth all means, up to the weapon and spetssredstv. The group includes inspectors of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia, the ministry of safety and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. The statement is caused by the become frequent cases of counteraction to lawful actions of a consequence and attacks on inspectors. The statement will be transferred in mass media of the North Ossetia and Ingushetia.

Yesterday the order of Ministerial council of Russia Maria Lazutkina is appointed by the deputy minister of formation.

yesterday the chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Vladimir Pankratov has handed over to employees of capital militia the state awards. They are handed over according to the decree of the president of Russia from February, 8th, 1993 about rewarding of employees of capital militia for courage and the selflessness shown at detention of dangerous criminals. Eight militiamen have received awards For personal courage one - a medal For courage and one - a medal For excellent service on public order protection .