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The statement of a coalition of businessmen

Business circles was opposed radicalism in the politician

by Representatives of large private business of Russia have stated an estimation become complicated in
a course of VIII congress of People`s Deputies of a situation in the country and have opened the position
on a problem of an exit from political crisis. About banefulness of any displays
radicalism it was told on yesterday`s a press - coalition conferences
the Enterprise political initiative in which known Russian businessmen, as Mark Masarsky, Konstantin Zatulin
and Michael Khodorkovsky participate such

the press - conferences causes the Greatest anxiety in organizers squabble in
tops which result can become great shocks . Businessmen
consider that even more often sounding idea of the coalition government as
the only thing means of the termination of this squabbles is no more than
misunderstanding, as with such government it is impossible to spend
reforms . In their opinion, aspiration of leaders of some political parties
to create the coalition government speaks more prosy, than
declared intention to create new politiko - legal system. to argue
on ideas, but to fight for portfolios are on - russki, but any absurdity nevertheless
should have any borders, - it is told in the statement.
participants the Enterprise political initiative are assured that for
preservations of political reputation of all branches of the power in Russia it is necessary
to refuse any radical actions. They consider that
Criminally to start elections in 1993 and even in 1994 - elections should pass
in time, and it is necessary to use these two years for the decision concrete, before
everything, economic problems . Concerning a referendum
a variant, according to participants of a coalition, its delay is represented to the most comprehensible,
which would allow to keep hardly reached on the previous congress
the agreement.